Get in the Pictures

One of my long time and most beautiful, wonderful, closest friends is Amy from She gave me some really great advice a long time ago.

See, she’s the incredible photographer that does all of the important pictures in my life. From maternity shoot, to forcing me out of the house to do newborn pictures when I was in crisis mode, to yearly pictures of my daughter, she has captured the most precious moments of my life. I love her for so many more reasons than her photography skills, but this gift that she has given me… continues to give me every year… is something I’ll never, ever be able to thank her enough for. It makes me tear up thinking about it. Thank you, Amy!!!

6 year old pictures

Since the very beginning, when my daughter was itty bitty, she has always given me the same advice and here it is…

Be in the pictures.

Me, as the mommy, get in there. She knows I struggle with my weight and self image and generally don’t like the way I look in pictures – which is why she gave me the advice. She said that one day, I would look back at all the pictures and regret it if I wasn’t in them. It wouldn’t matter what I looked like at the time, whether I was at my heaviest or if my hair wasn’t cooperating, if I wasn’t in the pictures… I would regret it.

I believe her.

All of the precious memories include me. Can you imagine if one day, all grown up, my daughter looks through all of the pictures and never sees me? Will she wonder where I was? Will the pictures mean as much if I’m not there? She certainly doesn’t care what I look like… and she will want those memories too. Memories of us together.

There are plenty of pictures that are just her… of course, there are. But there are always some that include me also. Furthermore, I have taken that advice to heart when we travel, when we play, when we have fun. When we go to Disney, I get in the pictures. I take selfies. I ask others to get a picture of us. I want all of those memories to last… with me in them. With me as a part of the captured shot. I want my daughter to one day have all of those great things to look back on… and to see me there, smiling in all of them.

Not only is it a gift to me, it will one day be a precious gift to her.

So, mama, if you hesitate to get in the pictures… I’m here to challenge you. You need to be in those pictures. Messy bun or perfectly done up, it doesn’t matter. You need to be front and center. Your children will one day hold onto those memories and cherish them. They will want to see your face, your love shining through. And you will too.

So get in the pictures. Take selfies with your little humans. Hand your phone to a friend or stranger and ask the favor.

It’s one small action that will last forever.

5 year old pictures

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