You are…

You are capable.

You wake up every morning and you do the things. You get dressed, make breakfast, take care of your kids, prepare lunches, get in your car, drop off kids, drive to work. At work, you do even more of the things. All day long.

When you leave work, there’s another list things to do. Pick up smaller humans, drive home, make dinner, do laundry, clean the kitchen, help with homework, read with littles, snuggle and hug their faces, and eventually, hopefully, have some down time.

Yes, you are so capable. Even at bare minimum, the amount of things you get accomplished every single day is amazing. And you rarely do the minimum.

You are brave.

Yes, brave. Life can be hard and scary and traumatic. The things you see on the news… the things your friends are going through… and the things you go through, have been through. If you let it, it would absolutely paralyze you. If you let it, you’d hide under your blankets all day long and never venture out.

But that’s not an option. Even with heart pounding, palms sweating, you feel you may be dying… you keep going. One foot in front of the other, little soldier. You have a life to live and people to care for and things to do. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Let’s go. You push on.

All of those things you are capable of doing? You keep doing them, despite how you feel. The anxiety, the stress, the crazy feelings of fear and sadness you are dealing with? Only your closest people know it. Because you are strong and you keep going and you do what needs to be done. No matter what. The courage that takes… yes, you are so brave.

You are significant.

The world, without you, would not be the same. The world needs you. Your laugh, your tears, your triumphs and struggles. There is no one in the world exactly like you. You have something to offer that no one else can bring to the table.

You are needed.

You are wanted.

You are valued.

Exactly as you are. Every hair on your head is numbered by the God above because you are important. There is a reason you are here and your impact on the people who know you, the children you are raising, is immeasurable. So yes, most definitely, you are significant. To this world. In this life. To everyone around you. You are remarkably significant.

You are capable, brave, and significant. And, I hope you know it.

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