My Celiac Warrior

On Memorial Day weekend, 2020, my precious punkin here was diagnosed with Celiac disease. It’s not an allergy as most people assume but actually an autoimmune disease. When her she ingests even the tiniest bit of gluten from wheat, barley, rye, or oats, her body then attacks and destroys her small intestines. She had been in pain and had stomach and GI problems for her whole young life and it took going to the hospital and God’s amazing work through difficult situations to bring about the diagnosis that is changing her life and healing her body.

We are praising God and working through the changes of how to get her healed and feeling good! Those changes include going 100% gluten free which then led to the realization that her “minor” dairy allergy actually causes a lot of problems also which means 100% dairy free as well! I decided to create add this page onto my blog as a place to share resources and products that are helping us on our journey to better health and complete healing! I hope it helps you as well!

Websites & Resources

I’m going to list some Facebook support groups that I am that I find helpful. Most of them you have to get approved to join, but I have found them to be worth it!

Celiac Kids Page

Parents of Gluten Free and Celiac Kids

Gluten and Dairy Free Life

Gluten Free Disney!

Ok, That last one is because I am a DISNEY ADDICT, and I am so freakin’ excited to learn that they are amazing at accommodating people with allergies/accommodations. It stinks right now with coronavirus and the fact that I’m not going to put myself in the middle of large crowds but for future reference, it’s ahhhmazing!!!

As a teacher, I am familiar with what is called a 504 plan. It provides accommodates for students who need extra supports in the classroom. As it turns out, children with Celiac disease often need extra support in the classroom – things such as being able to go to the bathroom whenever and as needed, using alternate supplies, and provided food that is safe for their bodies. This following website is a great resource to learn more about what a 504 can do for you and your child in the school setting. Their main website is a great resource for information in general about Celiac disease.

Back to School and 504 Plan Guide

Celiac Disease Foundation


We made the most delicious cupcakes using this cake mix yesterday! I followed the advice on a Celiac Facebook group to add a package of instant vanilla pudding mix as we made it and it came out so moist and yummy! And most Pillsbury frostings are gluten and dairy free as well! Win Win!!

Best. Pretzels. Ever. Not sure I need to say more. And I’m not even someone who likes regular pretzels much, ha! But these gluten free ones are amazing!

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