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Time Together

Ahhh my lil punkin. Isn’t she the cutest? I love pictures and I love that Facebook pops up with memories every year. It made it easy to create this collage of my punkin at the Fall Festivals through the years. The last two years,… Continue Reading “Time Together”

Mommin’ is Hard

Anyone think this little angel should be grounded today? Man, we are going through a phase. This phase is called “If I’m not happy, I’m going to make darn well sure that you’re not happy too.” If she doesn’t want to do something, she… Continue Reading “Mommin’ is Hard”

Get in the Pictures

One of my long time and most beautiful, wonderful, closest friends is Amy from https://soccermomeveryday.blog/. She gave me some really great advice a long time ago. See, she’s the incredible photographer that does all of the important pictures in my life. From maternity shoot,… Continue Reading “Get in the Pictures”

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