The Washing Machine Prayer

First, let me tell you that my washing machine is fine. It’s not broken. But God is funny and cool and here’s my story.

Last week, at one of my bible studies, we were all praying for healing and deliverance, sort of an all of us praying at once kind of thing. I really wanted one of two things: Either I wanted healing in my ear, for my ear to open up or for my prayer language to manifest.

I was desperate for one of those two things to happen – to see God respond in the moment, to see a miracle before our eyes. And my prayer wasn’t entirely selfish. I thought all of our faith will be strengthened tonight if this happens! Eventually, my prayer turned to – if not me, then one of the other people here – let THEM receive their prayer language. Let us see something BIG tonight!

Neither of the things I was desperate for happened that night.

That’s not to say God wasn’t working, but the specific things I had been calling out for did not happen.

The next day, I was praying again – over these things – over why they didn’t happen – over when they would happen, among other things. An open dialogue with God. And I felt God saying – Go pray over your washing machine.

My first thought was what? Why? This isn’t from God. I’m just making up weird stuff in my head. But the feeling persisted and so I threw my hands up and said, “If You want me to pray over my washing machine, then I’ll pray over my washing machine!” I walked into my laundry room and stood in front of my washing machine and continued to pray.

Now, I hope I’m not the only one, but I’m the kind of person that will sometimes forget I have clothes in the wash and they sit there a day and when I realize it, I’m like ughhhh I need to wash them again because they are starting to smell… You’ve done that, right? No? 🙂

So as I’m praying over my washing machine with slightly smelly towels in it – I hear God’s voice again. “Your desperation for healing and prayer language, your desperation for these things I can do for you… this is not a pleasing aroma to me.”


There was no condemnation in hearing this. No shame or guilt. But I realized that I was praying so hard for God to DO these things that I was missing the point. God said, “Your desperation needs to be for Jesus alone. Just Jesus. The rest will come.”


Jesus. Nothing else.

My heart needs to be for Jesus first.

Immediately, I apologized and turned my prayers to Jesus. Yes, I want to be healed and yes, I want my prayer language, but mostly, I want Jesus. I want to be desperate for Jesus. And I want to be used by Jesus. And I want to share Jesus with others. Jesus, first.

Later that day, the best worship song came on just for me – called Nothing Else. You know it was about Jesus first and nothing else! Because God is so coool and He works just like that! Bringing us confirmation in more than one way!

Father God, thank you for who You are! Thank you that you speak to us, that you bring confirmation in more than one way. That you don’t leave us floundering. When we seek You, we find You! Help us to put Jesus first. Above our requests. Above our desires. Above anything that You can do for us, let us first seek You. Forgive us for the times that we come to Your with our agenda, for the times we want Your blessings first, the times we want our prayers answered first. Let us come to You first with love and praise and worship. Help us to be desperate for You, Jesus! Let our hearts beat for You, first! You are worth all of that and so much more. Thank you, Jesus, for all You have already done for us! Let us be satisfied in You! In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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