A Work in Progress

God is working on me and has laid a number of challenges across my path for the past month. It’s only been in the last week, however, that I’ve realized what I am supposed to be working on! When the same challenge or same yucky feelings pop up again and again, it can be wise to just ask “What am I supposed to learn from this?”

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A prayer for Healing

I was challenged listening to the message from church on Sunday. In it, the pastor talked about faith and the perseverance of prayer. How the perseverance of prayer produces something.

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Loving Gifts

My daughter is puppy obsessed. I mean it. We have talked non-stop about puppy names, breeds, dog food, dog training, tricks, leashes, you name it. She is watching training videos, looking up pictures, and even checking prices on things we will need. She has also started researching the best food for her puppy.

Are we getting a puppy? No.

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Rest & You Ares

Will I ever get over this need to do more, work harder, achieve all things?

As soon as I decide to turn my health over to God, I want to take it back. I wrote a few weeks back about giving it to God to handle – my weight, my health problems, my journey to health, all of it. Then we just happened to be forced to go gluten free, dairy free, and give up fast food (my weakness) because of Celiac disease and I thought “Oh yeah, I”M doing good now. I’ll be getting healthy for sure.”

Right back to me, me, me and I, I, I.

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A Sneaky Attack

I turn 40 in one week.

Lordy, lordy, look who’s forty.

I used to think that was sooo funny as a kid. And also impossibly old. Look at me now!

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In the Moment

Can you zoom into the center of this photo on my daughter for a second? This is living in the moment. It was her birthday. Her favorite meal. Surrounded by some of her favorite people. And if we can set aside the manners aspect of waiting until everyone is served, this girl is just loving life. Chaos around her but she is blissfully diving into her gluten free spaghetti with the world’s best home-made marinara made by my best friend. Oh yes, she was living in the moment and loving life.

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Affirmations & Anemones

What do they have in common? So glad you asked… Ok, yes I’m a dork sometimes. It’s ok, I’m alright with it. 🙂

Monday night, my best friend and I went live for the first time together to share about affirmations (I ams) and how pairing them with God’s word gives them Holy Spirit power that nothing and no one can take away! It’s a beautiful and amazing gift of power we have from Him!

During our talk, Vanessa was giving an analogy, a visual example of what it’s like to soak yourself in truth each day and I had an image and experience pop into my mind as well. Since we didn’t need two analogies at the same time of the same thing, I waited to share mine here…

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Good morning, friends!

Last night was amazing! My best friend and I had our first ever speaking engagement together! We have talked many times about speaking together, never really thinking it would be over Facebook Live but when God calls, we answer! It was a beautiful evening of sharing our hearts with anyone who was wanting to listen then and who will be listening in the future.

This blog is a follow up to that video and is co-written and shared on both of our blogs!

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Fight the Lies

“I’m not beautiful! I’m fat! Even though I exercise, I’m still getting fatter! Skinny is pretty, not fat! I want to be skinny and beautiful like my friends. I’m not pretty at all!”

If you’ve been with me at all, you know I struggle with my weight and self image and worthiness and you may be thinking those are my thoughts up there.

But no…

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