If there was one thing I could teach my daughter and her best friend right now before they get any older, it would be this: Your value is NOT dependent on what anyone else says or thinks of you.


End of story.

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Do You Belong?

Foreward: I spent this whole blog post saying, “Ok, God… what next? What do I write next?” He literally helped form this message FOR ME so as I was writing, I was learning and hearing from Him. Just wanted to share that! This message is from Him!

I’m going through counseling again, I’ve mentioned that. A big part of this season of counseling is getting to the deep core issues of my negative beliefs. It’s an interesting journey and I haven’t shared the icky stuff yet because it feels embarrassing and, well, yucky.

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Tell Them!

Ten years ago, I told my then-husband that we needed to separate and he needed to get his life together.

Ten years ago was when he took my 5-month-old and ran into traffic with her.

Ten years ago was when an amazing woman entered my life, through DCF, and was used by God to be an instrument in literally changing the course of my life and my daughter’s future. She entered my life because of the danger my daughter was in, yet walked by my side and taught me what domestic violence was, that I was living in it, and that it was time to get out.

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One List, Two Lists

I’m not happy with some things in my life, some things I need to change. I was feeling uncomfortable about it this morning and I heard my counselor’s voice saying “journal!” So I started typing but didn’t get really far. I decided to make a list of the things I wanted to change, the things I want to do better.

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Celiac and Loneliness

This past May, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of my daughter being diagnosed with Celiac disease. One year of gluten-free. One year of healing.

We celebrated because of the hard work my punkin had put in. She is incredible at knowing what she can eat, what she can’t, and checking on things she’s unsure of. She’s better than even me and she never complains.

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Baptism… in simplest terms

Have you ever been to a doctor? I’m sure. I pretty much hate going to the doctor. I always feel like they are rushing me or making me feel stupid.

Have you ever been to a doctor you absolutely loved? One who listened to every single question and took your feedback seriously and understands that you know your own body? One who really works with you to get to a healthy state? Chances are if you can answer yes, you’ve probably told a lot of people about this doctor!

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Who Jesus says I am is all that matters

I love photography. I love art. I love taking pictures from unique angles and of random things. I also love photographing my kiddo, my friends, special events, flowers, weeds, the sky… I think you get the point. Beauty is all around us and I’d like to think that most of the time, I’m pretty good about taking the time to notice it.

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The Couch Scene

So there’s this scene in MAID on Netflix. Alex, the main character and victim of domestic violence, sinks into a couch and into a deep dark abyss.

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