It’s Just Talking

Prayer, that is. It’s just talking to God. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Sometimes I think I should sound more spiritual… but really that’s not my style. It’s just not how I do it. And then I remind myself that everyone can sound different when they pray because there are no rules when it comes to prayer!

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To Be Held, #DVAM

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month – a month where I usually share my journey of where I’ve come from in an effort to raise awareness, spread hope, and share resources.

This year, so far, I haven’t felt compelled to share anything. I actually thought God was going to let me off the hook! lol! However, yesterday a song hit me right in the gut, a song that took my breath away, and took me right back to my darkest moments and reminded me that it was God who held me and got me through.

I was in an abusive marriage. I left when my daughter was 5 months old and over the next 4 years, he not only tried to continue to hurt me… the courts allowed him access and availability to hurt my daughter. There came a day when things got to the point that I said never again and refused to send her. It’d be nice to say that the courts backed me up but it was God who performed a miracle that allows me to keep her safe now. She never has to see him again.

Those were dark, dark, yucky days. The true feeling of despair and hopelessness. And the only way I got through was because God was holding me. There moments when that was it. God was there and it’s the only thing that got me through.

God never promises that we won’t face dark days. The world is filled with sinful evil people and because of free will, bad things happen. It hurts God as well but He values free will too much to take it away. I believe God mourns with us and when we have a relationship with Him, He is with us every moment. Through every tear, every agonizing second. He holds us and we get through.

The song I heard on the radio brought me straight back to that point. It is raw and emotional and not a feel good, lift me up song.

It is the song of a woman who went through the most devastating thing I can imagine, worse than what I’ve been through, and God held her through it. She wrote this song because God held her and she wants others to be encouraged as well. I’m going to link the author’s blog post below because I think you should hear it in her words. It is powerful. It is painful. It is beautiful.

Her story shows that God can use our pain to help others, if we are willing. And in doing so, He heals us.

You can read it here:

I will post the song below along with links to my blog posts from last year about my story of domestic violence. Because God can use pain to help others. Because my story may help someone else. Because maybe it’s something you need to hear or maybe you need the resources for help. I’m posting them and sharing them because God is asking me to.

Life can be raw and painful and tragic, but God can make beauty come out of it. That may be one of my favorite things about God. He can turn something awful into something amazing. In fact, it’s a promise of His to do just that for those who love Him.

Here’s the song.

And here are the links to my posts from last October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

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Post 7, #1thing – Children:

Last post, #1thing – Why did you stay?:

I don’t usually end with a thank you, but thank you for reading this post. Thank you for learning, sharing, and being encouraged – which encourages me.

I hope you have a most blessed day today.

Because I Can

I love this picture and quotes from my Dad and my daughter. My dad is a firm believer in focusing on the good, the positive, the things you want and bringing them into your life and he teaches that to my punkin as well.

This was one of those moments where you go, ahhh she’s getting it. 🙂

When my dad asked “Why are you going to have a good day?” He meant, what’s going on today that will make it good?

But my daughter was just planning on having a good day because, well, why not?

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So this picture was taken on a trip to Orlando when we went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. I LOVE that place because I am obsessed with pictures and what better place to capture some awesome moments?!

Then, when I get home, I look for quotes by the famous people that are wax statues and add my favorite of the quotes I find to the picture! I did several awhile ago (I think two years ago!) and never posted them or wrote with them so I added some to my media file to pull out as I wanted.

Today, we land here.

And with it the quote that says “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

And isn’t it just?

We all have so much to offer in this world. Our own unique combination of personality, temperament, experiences, and caring. What you have to offer is something that can come from no one else on this Earth. Only you.

And if you compare yourself to others, chances are it stops you from doing just what you were put on Earth to do! When we compare ourselves to others, we never measure up. Someone else is always better, stronger, kinder, wiser… just more. We are so hard on ourselves and it’s always possible to find someone who is better at you in some area.

But… they are not better than you in ALL areas. They have their strengths just as you have yours. And their combination of strengths and experiences makes them the perfect person to carry out their mission and purpose on Earth.

However, they cannot, in any way, shape, or form carry out your mission and purpose on Earth, no matter how grand they are! Because they. are. not. you! Only YOU have the right combination of skills, experiences, temperament and whatever else is needed to meet your purpose here on Earth.

And if you choose not to live it out… no one else can do it for you. The world misses out. You miss out.

Oh, God can fill the gaps. God can meet needs with or without us. But the world misses out on what you have to offer… that no one else can supply or provide. And you miss out on blessings and friendships and who knows what else because you were afraid to act. And you were afraid to act because you were comparing yourself to other people… who cannot do what you can do.

What is the point in comparing ourselves when we are the only one that can fill our shoes? No matter how amazing anyone else is, they cannot do what you are meant to do. So stop comparing! There’s no point to it!

I’m speaking to myself as well as to you. I can be terrible about comparing sometimes. It’s not one of my biggest struggles but it does hit me from time to time. That person is more spiritual. That person is stronger. They have more will power. They sound more mature or make more sense or do more than I do…

Yes, I’ve been there and go there occasionally, so I’m definitely not just talking to you.

But I hope the point has gotten across.

The world needs you.

Just as you are, moving forward, responding to needs, offering an encouraging word, writing that blog, teaching that class, sharing that meal, calling that friend, meeting that person at church, sending that note, commenting something positive on that Facebook post… so much that only you can do, my friend.

We need you.

Living your life and sharing your gifts and just being you.

And.. thank you. Thank you for being you. For doing all the things you do on a daily basis to make the world a better place. Every thing, big or small.

Thank you.

Be Where You Are

So the last month plus has been a bit difficult. I’ve had a few extra migraines, some back pain, and some inconsistency with being able to get the medicine that I needed. It wreaked havoc on my body, mind, and emotions. We also started back to school (I’m teaching Home Connect 3rd grade and LOVING it) and that has taken a lot of time and energy.

So. I haven’t blogged.


I’m not going to let myself feel guilty about it.

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A Work in Progress

God is working on me and has laid a number of challenges across my path for the past month. It’s only been in the last week, however, that I’ve realized what I am supposed to be working on! When the same challenge or same yucky feelings pop up again and again, it can be wise to just ask “What am I supposed to learn from this?”

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A prayer for Healing

I was challenged listening to the message from church on Sunday. In it, the pastor talked about faith and the perseverance of prayer. How the perseverance of prayer produces something.

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Loving Gifts

My daughter is puppy obsessed. I mean it. We have talked non-stop about puppy names, breeds, dog food, dog training, tricks, leashes, you name it. She is watching training videos, looking up pictures, and even checking prices on things we will need. She has also started researching the best food for her puppy.

Are we getting a puppy? No.

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