“I will rescue you.”

My daughter, my heart. She reaches for me and I am there. Always. I will be there for her, I will comfort her, protect her, defend her. There’s nothing she could ever do that would change that. I love her… with more love than I can explain.

When she needs me, I will rescue her. I would do, will do, anything for her.

I listen this to this song and I hear two different songs.

One perspective – from me to my daughter. I will always rescue her.

The other perspective, the one in which it was written – From God…… to Me.

God loves me more than I love Raegan. Incomprehensible to my brain, and yet I know it’s true.

He promises to rescue me, to reach me, to be there when I need Him. He will send out his army of angels to find me. He listens to my whispers, he listens to what I say underneath my breath. He hears my cries.

I am not defenseless. He is my shelter, my armor.

Just as I would rescue my daughter, just as I would give her hope, so does God do for me.

The love I have for my daughter, as immense and immeasurable as it is – is a human love. God’s love – it’s so much more. Comparing it to my love for my daughter is my human attempt to try to understand.

Listen to the song. I hope you are encouraged. God is sending an army to find you in your darkness. He will rescue you.

“That’s the purpose of the song, to give hope to people who feel lost…the landscape is synonymous to the depth of healing that can take place where you feel void or empty. When hope arrives in such an expansive way it can rescue you.”

Lauren Daigle

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