Worth My Time

I have a new shirt that I’ve been wearing to work this year. I love it. It’s my new favorite teaching shirt. It says “I became a teacher because your life is worth my time.” I wrote about that shirt already, but when praying about what to write this morning another aspect of the “worth” my time came to mind.

Whenever we do for someone else, we are letting them know that they are worth our time. Time is valuable, time is money, time is short and precious. When we spend our time with another person, for another person, we are saying “You are worth my time.”

When we stop to talk to someone, we are saying, “You are worth my time.”

When we call someone on the phone (or in my case, answer the phone as I hate talking on the phone haha!), We are saying, “You are worth my time.”

When we spend time with someone, have lunch with someone, go on a date or a friend date with someone, we are saying, “You are worth my time.”

Those are powerful words. Powerful words that we speak not with our mouths, but with our actions. Healing actions. Actions that can change a person’s life.

During my dark days, the people who sat with me, cried with me, talked to me, hung out with me, listened to me…. they all spoke directly to my heart saying, “You are worth my time.” And it calmed my heart. It brought a measure of peace. It helped. Even if they didn’t say anything wise or give advice, just them being there helped. It said I was not alone. It said there were people willing to walk beside me. It said I was worthy of being loved.

If someone you know is hurting and you don’t know what to say, as I often feel, just be there. Be the one to hug them, talk with them, cry with them, drive with them, make phone calls with them, sit in court with them. Your time, the time you spend with them, on them, is healing and powerful and is the biggest statement you can make that says, “You are worth my time.”

And sometimes, that is what we need the most. It’s what we need to get through the day, to get out of bed, to handle the next task. We may not be able to thank you for it at the moment, we may not even understand it, we may be leaning on you so hard without ever saying a word and you won’t even know. But it matters. It matters more than anything else.

Be the person that helps someone breathe in and out for the day, for the hour. Be the one who is willing to be there. Be the one willing to speak through actions. Be the one the one to show someone that “You are worth my time.”

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