Your Plate

What’s on your plate this Christmas season?

Is it full of to do lists and things that need to get done? It is a busy time of year. There is a lot to do. And it’s very easy to get overwhelmed.

But… it’s also the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, I’m a Magic Believing, Christmas Loving, Give me everything Christmas kinda human.

There are so many amazing things to enjoy this time of year. I invite you to put some Merry Christmas Santa Mickey Happy Joy Filled activities on your plate!

December Bucket List

  • Put up your Christmas Tree with your family or friends!
  • Listen to your favorite Christmas Songs
  • Go for a drive to look at Christmas lights
  • Drink hot chocolate or my fav – get a Starbucks Hot Salted Caramel Mocha
  • Watch Christmas Movies
  • Do some Christmas Crafts
  • Make Christmas cards to send out
  • Make Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree! Or give as presents!
  • Bake Christmas Cookies!
  • Decorate the inside or outside of your house for Christmas
  • Wear a Christmas Shirt… or hat… or necklace… or wear it all…
  • Do some secret Santa kind acts
  • Enjoy an advent Calendar every day!
  • Candy Canes!
  • Get your picture with Santa!
  • Take your pet to get his/her picture with Santa!
  • Browse all the cool Christmas gifts and ornaments out at the mall
  • Send Christmas cheer to others!

With all there is to do this season, please add fun to your plate. Enjoy the little moments. Savor the bliss of this time of year. Look for ways to be filled with happiness.

Most of all, choose joy!

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