Honey in the Rock

God provides!

He has a plan and a purpose!

Nothing can stand in the way of His plan and His purpose!

When the Israelites were wandering the desert and had nothing to eat, God provided manna every single morning – a food they had never seen that tasted like wafers with honey. He provided it from His hand, a supernatural provision for His people!

Another instance of provision was when the Israelites needed water – and God sent water from a rock! Waters poured from the rock because God commanded it to be so!

God has creative ways of providing everything we need. We just trust Him! It does not need to come the way we think it will. I’m sure the Israelites never imagined water from a rock when they were thirsty or manna appearing on the ground when they needed food!

We can trust God to provide and He can do it in the most unlikely of ways!

And beyond our physical needs, God is the only one that can satisfy our spirit! He has everything we need! He is the one who brings freedom! Purpose! Power! Healing!

We pray, He provides!

Quoted from klove.com:

Claiming the truth that even in life’s hardest moments, we can still experience goodness because of our hope in Jesus, “Honey in the Rock” takes its title from Psalm 81:16, which says, “But I would feed you with the finest wheat. I would satisfy you with wild honey from the rock.”

Thank you, God, for being so so good to us! Let’s worship Him this morning!

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