Gf DF Cake Pops!

Hello, friends!

On this first day of Christmas Break, my daughter and I made gluten free and dairy free cake pops! I thought I’d write a fun post today of our adventures in baking! Or Cake pop making!

To start with, I had to find the right ingredients.

Krusteaz makes some amazing products so we started with their gluten free chocolate cake and used almond milk in the recipe rather than regular milk. Boom. Gluten free, dairy free cake. We made and baked the cake according to the box and left it to cool over night. I also bought Nestle’s allergy friendly white chocolate chips – free from all major allergens. Plus Pillsbury chocolate frosting is already gluten free! Score!

Today came the fun part. First, we crumbled the cake up until it looked like dirt. It was pretty fun!

The next step was to add chocolate frosting. From reading many blogs and recipes, I learned not to add too much, especially if the cake is already moist. Our cake was extremely moist so we just added two large spoonfuls of chocolate frosting. Then it was back to mixing by hand! And squishing it all together until rather than a crumbly dirt texture, we had mud! Haha!

After it was properly mixed, we used a small cookie scoop to measure out two small balls which we combined to make one perfectly sized cake pop ball. Ok, maybe not perfectly shaped, but not bad either!

From there, we put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes. I’m not sure if this step was necessary?? But I thought that was what we were supposed to do, so we did it!

Before we took them out of the freezer, we melted some of the white chocolate chips with just a bit of coconut oil to make it nice and smooth. We got the cake balls out of the freezer, dipped the cake pop sticks into some of the white chocolate, then stuck them about halfway into each ball. Once all of those were done, they went back into the freezer for an hour. Just a note here, at this point I realized the sticks were “reusable” plastic sticks. I don’t plan on reusing them and I think the cardboard-ish ones probably would have stuck better.

Sooo as the timer ticked down through the hour of waiting for them to harden up, we melted the rest of the white chocolate chips in tall cup so it would be easy to dunk the cake ball and cover them completely.

Once dunked in the chocolate, we turned them and let the excess drip off. Then we stuck them in Styrofoam and decorated the tops of them with green icing (didn’t work too well) then we switched to dark chocolate drizzle (which was way prettier!)

The only step left was to taste test!!

After all of that, my daughter thought they were too sweet and didn’t even finish hers! However, it may have been all of the “taste testing” she did along the way. She can’t help herself!

Today was pretty productive overall. Twenty cake pops, Cinnamon Sugar pretzels, 5 loads of laundry, three doctor’s appointments scheduled, lots of Christmas wrapping, a clean dragon’s cage, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Happy Monday, friends!

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