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Weight Watchers – Week 7

So, remember how last week I lost 9 pounds? I just knew that couldn’t be right, even though I stepped on and off the scale. So the next morning, I checked again and I was up 6. I think the scale may have been… Continue Reading “Weight Watchers – Week 7”

Weight Watchers – Week 6

So this happened today… NINE? 9?? In one week? I stepped on the scale seven different times to double check. I have not, ever, in my life seen weight loss like that in one week. I try not to make the focus of this… Continue Reading “Weight Watchers – Week 6”

Weight Watchers Week 2

I switched my weigh in day to Wednesday… I figured I like to save my bonus points for the weekend and I want a day or two to even that out before checking in for the week. So Wednesdays will be my day to… Continue Reading “Weight Watchers Week 2”

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