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I am Saved, for sure!

I am saved.  “Soul,” I said to myself, “Soul, you are saved. You are one day going to live with God for eternity. There is joy and peace in knowing where you are going to go after your life here on Earth. You are… Continue Reading “I am Saved, for sure!”


I woke up today with a migraine and feeling defeated. Where is my healing? Am I missing something? Am I not doing something I should be doing? Doing something I shouldn’t be doing? Is God waiting on me for something? (I ask these questions… again.)… Continue Reading “Romans”

Baptism… in simplest terms

Have you ever been to a doctor? I’m sure. I pretty much hate going to the doctor. I always feel like they are rushing me or making me feel stupid. Have you ever been to a doctor you absolutely loved? One who listened to… Continue Reading “Baptism… in simplest terms”

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