Tag: parenting

Loving Gifts

My daughter is puppy obsessed. I mean it. We have talked non-stop about puppy names, breeds, dog food, dog training, tricks, leashes, you name it. She is watching training videos, looking up pictures, and even checking prices on things we will need. She has… Continue Reading “Loving Gifts”

Fight the Lies

“I’m not beautiful! I’m fat! Even though I exercise, I’m still getting fatter! Skinny is pretty, not fat! I want to be skinny and beautiful like my friends. I’m not pretty at all!” If you’ve been with me at all, you know I struggle… Continue Reading “Fight the Lies”

Mommin’ is Hard

Anyone think this little angel should be grounded today? Man, we are going through a phase. This phase is called “If I’m not happy, I’m going to make darn well sure that you’re not happy too.” If she doesn’t want to do something, she… Continue Reading “Mommin’ is Hard”

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