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It Will Make a Difference

Any act of kindness or generosity WILL make a difference! I love this quote and love the girls in their Wonder Woman pose! It’s important to be both fierce and kind, both strong and generous. I love the emphasis on no matter how small…… Continue Reading “It Will Make a Difference”

Time Together

Ahhh my lil punkin. Isn’t she the cutest? I love pictures and I love that Facebook pops up with memories every year. It made it easy to create this collage of my punkin at the Fall Festivals through the years. The last two years,… Continue Reading “Time Together”

In the Moment

Can you zoom into the center of this photo on my daughter for a second? This is living in the moment. It was her birthday. Her favorite meal. Surrounded by some of her favorite people. And if we can set aside the manners aspect… Continue Reading “In the Moment”

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