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Be Here Now

Get in the habit of noticing the things around you, the things right in front of you. To be present is to stop thinking about the past, to stop worrying about the future and just be here. Just here in the now. When we… Continue Reading “Be Here Now”

Just Live Life Anyway

As someone who struggles with anxiety, this quote resonates with me so much! Even people who perhaps don’t have anxiety as a diagnosis probably know what the what ifs are. You know… what if I fail? What if the hurricane hits us? What if… Continue Reading “Just Live Life Anyway”

Fall in Love with Moments

Moments are wonderful things. Little snippets of time full of life and soul. There are very significant moments in life… the first moment your baby smiles, or laughs, or says mama. Your first moment of school. The moment your name is called at graduation.… Continue Reading “Fall in Love with Moments”

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