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What do you see?

I am going to take this post in a totally different direction than you might be thinking based on the photo. I totally believe that how you see yourself is the most important… however, sometimes being given a glimpse into how others see you… Continue Reading “What do you see?”

Fierce & Gentle

There’s a post going around Facebook of a gorgeous little girl in an atypical pose – hair a beautiful mess, viking paint on her cheeks, dirty, fierce, tough. The quote with it says, “Do not raise your daughter to look for a knight. Raise… Continue Reading “Fierce & Gentle”

Always Beautiful

I love this punkin. She’s 8 now but the pictures I use come from all points of her life. I LOVE photography and she’s the best subject. She’s quite used to having her picture taken and usually enjoys it. She’s a beautiful human –… Continue Reading “Always Beautiful”

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