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One List, Two Lists

I’m not happy with some things in my life, some things I need to change. I was feeling uncomfortable about it this morning and I heard my counselor’s voice saying “journal!” So I started typing but didn’t get really far. I decided to make… Continue Reading “One List, Two Lists”

Dichotomy & Food

Dichotomy. Noun. A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different. Am I allowed to write about foodie events and deliciousness one day while on other days share my health and weight loss journey? It… Continue Reading “Dichotomy & Food”

Weight Watchers, Week 4

Oh, friends, has it ever been an up and down week. If you read my blog daily, you know that I totally blew it last Thursday because I felt compelled to write about it Friday. The rest of the week was quite a roller… Continue Reading “Weight Watchers, Week 4”

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