Love is Large

I love reading passages of the bible in different translations. I grew up memorizing verses in NKJV and NIV. I also read the New American Standard Version. I got so used to these versions, as well as KJV, that it’s easy now to read over it and skim it. But, when I read other translations, it helps me to see it in a different way. It opens my eyes to dig for deeper meaning, to look at it from a different viewpoint. It has helped it come alive again!

My daughter is about to turn 11 and we are definitely in the “tween” years. She’s loving and kind and full of joy and also argumentative, defiant, and irresponsible. I LOVE her to the moon but I also get frustrated. I thought, during these years and especially as we move towards puberty, that what she and I are going to need more than anything is love.

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With Confidence

Let’s walk right up to God! Take the mercy! Accept the Help! He’s trying to give it to us!!

Friends, You are loved beyond measure but struggle to believe it. You have a God who is ready, willing, and able to help you… but you see only darkness. You have a God who is currently at work… but you sit here hopeless.

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Fully Known and Loved

A little over a week ago, I posted about Reconciliation and my desire to reconcile my thoughts and beliefs about myself to what God says about me, the truth. The first lie/core belief that I decided to attack was the lie that I am unloved and unloveable. I wrote about this a few days ago.

And wouldn’t you know just how good God is that He keeps bringing it up to me.

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Hello Freedom

Freedom, noun: the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint; the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. – Google

With Jesus, there is freedom.

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The World Needs You

To my friends who love Jesus but struggle with anxiety and depression

Today is for you, not just you as this message applies to anyone who loves Jesus, but today you are on my heart. You are on my heart because we are the same. Because this is my struggle, too.

This picture popped back in my memories and spurred this post.

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Reconciliation – I am Loved.

On Sunday, I wrote a post about a word given to me, for me, from Jesus. The word is reconciliation. You can read about it here:

Here’s an excerpt:

I need to reconcile the lies that I have believed for so long with the truth of who I am in Jesus. I need that arrow of light to pierce the heart of the matter – my own core beliefs. It’s time to let go of the lies I was told and believed and reconcile my thoughts so they align with God’s thoughts. I need to make my thoughts compatible with God’s thoughts. I need to agree with God on who I am and what He has for me.

So, I’m going to take one lie at a time, one core belief at a time, break it down, and begin the process of truly surrendering that belief to Jesus and letting it go.

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A prophetic Word for me! (And maybe you, too)

So, things got good today. Good and interesting and real.

Last Sunday, I went forward to be prayed over. I have a block in my spirit, something holding me back. I am struggling with anxiety and unrest. I prayed to forgive others who have hurt me in the past. I prayed for a fresh touch of the Holy Spirit. I’ve prayed all week. I wrote a blog post saying that I choose to worship God and continue even though I feel empty and dark.

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What if my feelings don’t match my Identity in Jesus?

I’m going through a weird season right now. An empty season. A season with more anxiety than peace, more restlessness than rest. A season that feels more like hopelessness than hopeful, more despair than delight, more illness than health.

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