Let’s pray THIS!

I came upon some beautiful verses today! In the book of Ephesians, Paul – in jail, was writing to the church of Ephesus. He prayed the most beautiful prayer over the believers in that church. I’ve adapted the prayer for myself, putting it in the first person because it captures so perfectly the prayer of my heart right now. It’s based on the Passion Translation.

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Oh, it’s hard? Good…

I teach elementary school, currently second grade. (Although it IS summer break right now! Woohoo!)

One thing I have always told my students, over and over again, is your brain can’t grow if it’s easy. Your brain only grows if it’s hard.

I explain If something is easy for you then it means you already know it. Therefore you don’t need to learn it, so your brain isn’t growing. It’s just staying the same.

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But how?

In the last few weeks, I’ve seen deliverance and experienced deliverance for myself. I have a new found belief in the power of the Holy Spirit and what God has called us to do here on Earth. I’ve tasted it and I want more. I want to be a vessel of everything that God has for me here on Earth, a vessel that the Holy Spirit pours through and out onto others.

I want to speak in tongues – a heavenly language for edification. I want to be able to pray and see people healed through the power of Jesus. I want to be able to call out demons by the blood of Jesus Christ and see people set free.

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Good friends will lead you in a safe direction

This is my dog and my best friend’s dog. They are best friends too! They love to play and love each other. And they love just being in each other’s presence.

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Fearless Confidence

Last night, Life Church held a live recording of some of the worship music the team has written. I am so excited to have been able to attend and be a part of the audience for this! The goal of the worship team and the leadership of the church was that God would show up and His people would worship and that everything that happened there was all for Jesus. It was an amazing night!

I find something has been happening to me lately when I am gathered in a large worship setting where so many people are in a stance of worship – the leaders, the people, everyone is there to worship God and invite Holy Spirit to show up. God has been using this time to change me, to free me, to call me closer to Him.

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Can Women Be Pastors?

I grew up in a conservative baptist church. I’m so thankful for my upbringing and everything I learned while growing up but the more I grow, especially in the last year and a half, the more I find that there’s so much more than I ever knew. God is so much bigger than I thought, so much more loving, and there’s so much more power to access and gifts that God wants to give me!

So I keep learning and sometimes, I find myself faced with a question that goes like this:

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Love is Large

I love reading passages of the bible in different translations. I grew up memorizing verses in NKJV and NIV. I also read the New American Standard Version. I got so used to these versions, as well as KJV, that it’s easy now to read over it and skim it. But, when I read other translations, it helps me to see it in a different way. It opens my eyes to dig for deeper meaning, to look at it from a different viewpoint. It has helped it come alive again!

My daughter is about to turn 11 and we are definitely in the “tween” years. She’s loving and kind and full of joy and also argumentative, defiant, and irresponsible. I LOVE her to the moon but I also get frustrated. I thought, during these years and especially as we move towards puberty, that what she and I are going to need more than anything is love.

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With Confidence

Let’s walk right up to God! Take the mercy! Accept the Help! He’s trying to give it to us!!

Friends, You are loved beyond measure but struggle to believe it. You have a God who is ready, willing, and able to help you… but you see only darkness. You have a God who is currently at work… but you sit here hopeless.

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