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Friendship, Post Ian Day 6

Friendship is so beautiful. I’m sitting at my best friend’s house out of town: power, AC, showers, running water, doing laundry, internet access, paying my bills online, filling out FEMA assistance, grilled burgers, and my daughter is being spoiled. I’m the most relaxed I’ve… Continue Reading “Friendship, Post Ian Day 6”

Life after Hurricane Ian, Day 5

4am again. Hey there. Life is weird. Time is almost non-existent. Days? What is today? Sleep is approximately 10pm – 3am, then again 5ish – 7ish. There’s no time for naps. Not that I’m doing a lot. It’s just that everyday things take 4x… Continue Reading “Life after Hurricane Ian, Day 5”

Post Ian, Day Day 4

430am. Waiting for the headache to ease off. Eating some cinnamon Chex. Thinking I should have something profound to share but knowing I hit a wall yesterday evening. But then, yall have or are going to hit a wall soon, too. It probably won’t… Continue Reading “Post Ian, Day Day 4”

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