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Food Bondage

Last week, I wrote a post where I explained how God wanted me to get rid of my own list of “ways to eat and live healthily” and trade it for His list of “Seek God’s face & Rest in Him.” You can read… Continue Reading “Food Bondage”

Oh, Paul.

Paul, from the New Testament of the Bible is speaking the words of my soul right now. Well, he spoke them long ago but because God’s word is living, it might as well be as if he was speaking right to me, about me.

Dichotomy & Food

Dichotomy. Noun. A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different. Am I allowed to write about foodie events and deliciousness one day while on other days share my health and weight loss journey? It… Continue Reading “Dichotomy & Food”

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