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Celiac and Loneliness

This past May, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of my daughter being diagnosed with Celiac disease. One year of gluten-free. One year of healing. We celebrated because of the hard work my punkin had put in. She is incredible at knowing what she can… Continue Reading “Celiac and Loneliness”

In my weakness…

My daughter is having to face some hard things this month. Celiac disease and giving up gluten 100%. A dairy allergy forcing her to give up dairy 100%. And as of her well visit yesterday, she may have scoliosis.

The Bigger Picture

So we went through a few weeks of struggle. No, not struggle, that is not a strong enough word. It was awful, hell-ish. My daughter has always (like since a baby) struggled with belly issues, her whole little young life. During this quarantine and… Continue Reading “The Bigger Picture”

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