Hello Freedom

Freedom, noun: the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint; the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. – Google

With Jesus, there is freedom.

By the blood of Jesus and His sacrifice, there is freedom.

From the Father God, who loves us so much, there is FREEDOM.

With the Holy Spirit alive in us, we have freedom!

Freedom that gives us the power to act in ways that honor Jesus – with no thought of what others think.

Freedom that gives us the power to speak God’s love, to pray over others without any hindrance.

Freedom that allows us to love ourselves the way Jesus loves us, to reconcile our lying core beliefs of I am unloved to the truth that I am SO loved – without restraint. I can love myself, without restraint. without hesitation. I can live loud a life of love and being loved because I am free.

I can do TikTok dances, and post them, without hesitating that people might judge me for being overweight and dancing… because it doesn’t matter what they think. I am loved and I am free!

I can do that and post about loving ourselves and body positivity and how much we are loved despite what we look like… because I am free.

I can blog, without restraint, and hit post every time because I’m doing it for Jesus and it doesn’t really matter how good it is because it’s not about earning the approval or love of others… because I’m free and already so loved, I couldn’t possibly be loved any more than I already am.

I can live out one of God’s callings on my life – to help others reconcile and change their lying core beliefs to align with God’s truth about who they are… because I am free to do so, in Jesus name!

I can go live on Facebook and share whatever God lays on my heart, because I am loved and free for who I am, regardless of whether anyone watches, likes, or comments. I can do it because God asks me to do it, and God loves when I do it, and the rest is up to Him anyway.

I can be silly and loud or quiet and contemplative or fun and enthusiastic or calm and restful – because I am free to be who I am, in all situations and in all moments. And I’m loved whether I am similar to others or so, so different. It doesn’t matter. I am loved and I am free.

What other people have said about me, the ways they made fun of me, taunted me and haunted me – none of that matters anymore. Those were all lies, born of their own insecurities, and they don’t own me anymore. Because Jesus set me free.

Jesus is in the business of setting people free. He died to set you free. Free from sin. Free from lies. Free from chains and strongholds and torment.

Freedom, sweet freedom. It’s available to all of us.

Need to know more? Hit me up. Let’s talk.

Happy Monday, friends. Let’s walk in freedom today.

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