Baptism… in simplest terms

Have you ever been to a doctor? I’m sure. I pretty much hate going to the doctor. I always feel like they are rushing me or making me feel stupid.

Have you ever been to a doctor you absolutely loved? One who listened to every single question and took your feedback seriously and understands that you know your own body? One who really works with you to get to a healthy state? Chances are if you can answer yes, you’ve probably told a lot of people about this doctor!

Someone who cares about you and wants to actually help?? Yeah, that’s worth sharing with all of your friends and family!!

Ooh, or how about has your child ever had the best teacher ever? Like one who loves your child, looks out for your child, communicates amazingly, does special things, is a great teacher academically but also cares about your child’s heart?

Did you tell your friends with school-aged children about him/her? Did you post it on Facebook to recognize how amazing your kiddo’s teacher is/was?

Probably. As a teacher myself, I’m going to say hopefully you did! Because teachers really love hearing about the difference they are making in this world.

When an employee goes out of their way to give great service, you probably talk about them too! Rate them on social media sites and let others know it’s a place they should go to.

Yeah, so baptism? It’s basically the same thing.

Don’t let me lose you here, friends.

Jesus loves us. Jesus helps us and cares about us and supports us and gives better “customer service” than anyone on Earth. Jesus listens to us. He hears us. He knows us and He loves us. He does special things for us. He heals us. He calms our hearts and anxieties. He’s willing to take our burdens as His own. He communicates beautifully with us. He teaches us with love. He cares about our hearts. He understands us. He works with us. He does life with us.

He died for us so that we could live eternally with Him one day. And while on Earth, he makes life so much better. When we go through hard things, he’s there. He gives comfort that no human on Earth can provide. He helps us grow to be better humans. He celebrates over us with joy. He blesses us. He’s real and He’s here and He’s the best “person” I know.

When you have a relationship with Jesus, it’s the best relationship you’ll ever have. And you want to tell others about it.

Baptism is the act of letting your friends and family know, “Hey! I love Jesus! He’s absolutely amazing and I’d love for you to know Him too!”

When someone is baptized, they are letting the world know that Jesus has been there for them. That Jesus has saved them. That Jesus lives with them. And that it’s just the best thing they’ve ever done.

So much better than the best doctor they have ever seen. So much better than the best teacher that ever taught their kids. Better than the best employee at any business.

Jesus saved them and they want everyone to know it.

What does it mean to be saved? What did Jesus save them from?

The bible talks about how God is a pure and holy God and that no sin can enter into His presence. Sin – the wrong things we do, the lies, the gossip, the anger, the hatred, the stealing, the hurting of others. The yucky stuff that every single person does at some point.

So every single person who has ever lived on Earth has sinned… and God cannot allow sin into heaven, into His presence. Which pretty much meant that every human on Earth was screwed. Like, it was not looking good for us. Sin has a consequence and the consequence is eternity without Him. We deserve to go to hell. It’s not possible for us to get to heaven, to be with God, as we are. As humans who have sinned and hurt others.

When people sin, they earn what sin pays—death.

Romans 6:23a

But God loves us. So much. He couldn’t let that be the end of the story. He created humans to be perfect, like Him, and to live in a relationship with Him, and even when humans screwed up, He still loved them. Still loves us.

So He created a way back to Him. He sent Jesus – also God – to Earth to live a perfect life. He NEVER sinned. Not once. There was a debt that needed to be paid. Our sins, Human’s sins, deserved death and eternity in hell. So Jesus came and lived a perfect life and then He died to pay for our sins.

But Jesus died for us while we were still sinners, and by this God showed how much he loves us.

Romans 5:8

He died and paid the price for you. For me. For my daughter. For your kids.

God wants you and your children and your children’s children to one day live with Him, for eternity – an eternity of joy and love forever. So He sent Jesus to pay the ultimate price and sacrifice so that could happen.

For you.

And it’s a gift. A free gift. Nothing you have to do to earn it… just accept it.

God’s gift is eternal life given by Jesus Christ our Lord.

Romans 6:23b

How do you accept this gift? You just believe in it. You say I believe and Thank you Jesus!

 If you openly say, “Jesus is Lord” and believe in your heart that God raised him from death, you will be saved.

Romans 10:9

But is this for everyone? YES! Everyone!

Yes, “everyone who trusts in the Lord[d] will be saved.”

Romans 10:13

My daughter got baptized at the beginning of this month. A good friend is getting baptized today and another good friend’s daughter is also getting baptized. And I feel all the feels! Overwhelming love and joy and thankfulness that God loves me and them so much.

If you’d like to receive this same kind of love, you can repeat or say a simple prayer like the one below:

Jesus, thank you for making a way for me to get to heaven. I know that I’ve screwed up in my life at times. I know that I have made some bad choices. But you want to forgive me! Please forgive me! Thank you for dying to pay the price for MY bad choices. Thank you for making a way for ME to get to heaven and live with you forever one day. I believe in you, Jesus! Please come into my life and be my friend and Savior forever! In Jesus name, Amen!

Dear friend, if you prayed that prayer please reach out to me and let me know! The angels in heaven are dancing in joy over your decision, over you right now, and I would love to celebrate with you as well!

You are loved!

Happy Sunday, friend!

Praying and thanking Jesus before going under the water in baptism.

Getting ready to go under the water, representing the way Jesus died to save her!

Raising up from the water just as Jesus rose from the dead and lives with us today!

So much joy on Earth and in heaven! My daughter has decided to follow Jesus and let the world know!

One of the most special things that day was that her grandfather, Pops, got to be one of the people who baptized her!!

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