Be Silly … and an unexpected twist.

Be silly with life.

Have fun.

Do some ridiculous things.

Because… why not?

Life is hard and serious and we put a lot of effort into just living. And if you’re a parent, you can like, you know, triple that effort x 10 to the power of whatever.

So when an opportunity presents itself to be silly… to laugh… to make others laugh… do it.

The main picture of this post was a day when my daughter wanted her best friend to come home with her. Then the little brothers wanted to come to and I love them all and said yes. So we got home and they were hungry… but I didn’t have much food in the house (grocery shopping, one of those necessary just living things we have to do) so I made french fries. Like, a lot of fries. I had a giant bag.

They asked for ketchup and barbq sauce. Obliged. Then I put out mayo to make fry sauce. (Y’all know what fry sauce is, right??) Then… I set out a jar of grape jelly.

The looks on their faces.

Why not, I said? So they tried it. And laughed and laughed. So then… game on. I brought out every sauce and condiment I could think of.


Yum Yum Sauce.

Secret Sauce.


Whipped cream. Oh, yes I did.

Why? Because it was fun. It was unexpected. It made all of the kids laugh and enjoy a snack time of fries way more than anyone else in the world at that moment, I’m pretty sure. Plates for fries, plates for sauces. Lots of sauces.

And if this isn’t the most ridiculous post I’ve ever written, I don’t know what is!

Why am I even sharing this? Because I opened my computer and prayed what I usually pray before blogging: Lord, please show me what to write, lay the words on my heart, lead me in what to share.

So… this is what you get today!!!

Is it because God is testing my obedience? Maybe… lol… He’s working on me and I’ve felt the spirit prompting me to do things I wouldn’t normally do. Things that I’ve seriously questioned – not because they were hard but just because I didn’t get it.

But you know what? I’ve also asked that God bring me closer to Him, more in tune with His voice, and that I would listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit more and more. I asked for this.. and this is what I’ve got! I’m dying right now, y’all. Seriously laughing.

Write a post about french fries and sauce day??

Ok, Jesus. πŸ™‚

Here’s the thing though. The more we listen to the voice of Jesus, the more we can hear it. That was a principle I learned growing up. Listen to the Holy Spirit… act on it.. and you’ll begin to hear Him more clearly. Why would He keep trying if we continuously don’t listen? Or worse yet, listen but don’t act on it?

I don’t believe God ever gives up on us but I do think we can hear Him more clearly when we are listening, obeying, and reaching for Him. When we follow through with His promptings, I believe His voice becomes more clear and more apparent. The more we follow Him, despite how silly it seems, the assignments we are given, the more able we are to recognize His voice.

Let’s not just hear the Spirit, let’s live it!

So, maybe this post wasn’t about french fries and sauce after all. Maybe it was about listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and just going for it, regardless of how silly or weird it seems. Regardless of not knowing the outcome. Friends, I thought I was writing a ridiculous piece about being silly in life and here I am, sharing how I’ve been reaching out to hear from God more often… and the fact that He is answering that prayer!

I never would have gotten to this point though, if I hadn’t started writing what the Holy Spirit prompted in the first place – french fries and sauce day!

So… take the first step. However small or insignificant it seems. However ridiculous, however trivial you think it is. Take the step. Even if you don’t know where it’s leading. Even if you don’t know how it will turn out. Even if it’s silly. Ask God to speak to you, listen to the promptings, and take the step. See where God is taking you!! And enjoy the ride!

Happy FriYAY, friends!!!

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