Fighting Spiritual Attacks with God’s Truth

Spiritual attacks are real. They come in all shapes and sizes and from any means the enemy thinks will work. Words, situations, events…

They can gut punch you and leave you lying on the floor wondering what happened. They can sneak in subtly or be in your face evil. They can come hidden under a smile and sickly sweet words to the point you don’t even realize it’s an attack until after the fact when you’re shaking and wondering if you’re going to pass out.

Evil is real. The enemy wants those who love God to stop. Those who make a difference to be silenced. Those who are loving others in Jesus name to be broken.

A wise friend told me this morning that Satan uses feelings to attack us. Feelings of shame, fear, doubt, anxiety. If he can get us focused on the feelings, he can reel us back in. We have to set the feeling aside and focus on the truth. The truth from God. The things we know are real.

It’s kind of amazing how God works sometimes. Last night I was spiritually attacked and struggling. This morning a friend reminds me not to dwell on the feelings but the facts/the truth/the promises God has for me. And… a few days ago, my puppy pulled a very special book off the shelf that I then put on the kitchen counter which I then picked up to look at this morning when I needed it most. It’s a book I made of affirmations from God’s word. In other words – God’s truth about me and my life.

That. Is. Not. Coincidence.

Here are some things I know to be true right from my book:

I am safe.

I am Strong.

I am Powerful.

I am Rested and at Peace.


The wonderful truth about these verses are that they are just as true for you as they are for me. My prayer this morning is that this post will touch those that are struggling. May you have peace. May you feel God’s love rest upon you today. May you read these truths from God’s word and know that they are meant for you, too.

Happy Sunday, friends.

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