Be Yourself

Thank you, God, for always meeting me in the morning, leading me to a picture, and allowing the words to flow!

Look at these mermaids! Aren’t they beautiful?! My daughter and her best friend. Mermaid sisters for life.

This picture jumped out at me this morning with the theme of be yourself! At first, I was thinking I would write things like…

  • You are unique and no one else is like you!
  • Be yourself because everyone else is already taken!
  • Stop comparing yourself to others, especially to social media highlight reels!

And those things would be good – I mean, it’s all good, solid advice.

But then I decided to look up what God says about being yourself and turns out, HE has even better reasons for why you should be YOU!

For example, God created you just as you are! He placed each bone, each trait, each strength and weakness, the color of your eyes and the hairs on your head. He made YOU to be YOU! And God is perfect! He doesn’t create junk and He doesn’t make mistakes. You are who you are because God created you to be exactly that. God looked at the world and said the world needs a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and ohhh yes, just a dash of that… and He created… YOU!

In case you needed more proof that God doesn’t make mistakes…

You are created by God! And He did an amazing job creating you! You are exactly who He wants you to be!

Ok, but that isn’t the only reason God has for encouraging you to be yourself.

When God created you, He had a plan for you. He had and still has a purpose for your life. He didn’t arbitrarily give you the traits and qualities that you have. He planned it. Planned you, just as you are, because He wants to use you for his glory! God has great things for you to accomplish and He made you to fulfill that purpose and destiny! We need to be who we are, who we were created to be, for Him! For our purpose! There’s a reason you are the way you are!

You, my friend, are God’s poetry! How beautiful is that?! Perhaps just sit on that for a minute. Then…

One final reason for being who you are…

Not only did God create you exactly as He needed you to be….

And not only did God create you with a purpose and a destiny in mind…

God created you in this time period, this period of history, because it’s just where He needs you to be. Your qualities and strengths and even weaknesses are all formed together to make you who you are… for a purpose… right here, and right now.

The unique combination that is you would not have been beneficial in the 1800s…. or 2000BC… or the year 5000AD.

You are needed. You are necessary. Right now.

You were created for such a time as this. This world, this place, this time… God needs you here living out who He made you to be, in all it’s glory and failures and highs and lows and mountaintops and valleys in this present day. God wants you. The world needs you.

Just. As. You. Are.

Just as God created you to be.

I can’t think of any greater reasons to be yourself. Embrace who God made you. Accept who you are. All the little facets and jewels that make you, you. Continue to grow but know that you are who you are meant to be.

Happy Friday, friends!

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