The Blessing Party

This post gives me so much joy! I am excited to write it, excited to share, and feeling overwhelmed with God’s goodness and blessing at the same time.

A dream of mine from long, long ago was to have a blessing party if I ever built a house. This season of my life it came true! I signed the contract on my home last August and they broke ground in December. By January the foundation was laid and the bones of the house were built.

The time was right.

I knew some verses right away that I wanted up in my house, but I spent time researching more. What kind of prayers would I be praying over this house? What are my dreams for this house? What does God say about a home? What are things I struggle with?

From there, I created a word doc full of verses. I printed them and cut them into slips. I invited my village and some other friends… people I love and who love me… to come and bless my house! We met up and I brought the papers and sharpie markers. Some verses were to go in specific rooms and other verses could go anywhere. I also invited them to add their own verses anywhere they wanted. Everyone got involved, even the littlest one!

Everyone got to work! My daughter, my friends, and myself. And bit by bit, my house was prayed over, blessed, and marked for God’s goodness!

So what did we write? Please, let me share!

The foundation of life, of a home, of anything should first and foremost be Jesus! So I started there with these verses:

Then, I KNEW that I wanted this to be a house of peace. A house where someone walks in and just feels comfortable, loved, and calm. So many verses were dedicated to this prayer.

I also wanted this home to be a house of blessings – not just for myself and my punkin – but for everyone who walks through the doors. In fact, this verse is right on the frame of the front door.

And these are throughout the house:

From there, I wanted some verses that would help combat anxiety. Both my daughter and I struggle with anxiety and I wanted something to remind us to that God has us and every situation in hand. That God provides and cares and loves us so much. That He is trustworthy. And always ready to help us.

I also prayed that this would be a house of health – of gaining health, of making healthy choices, of growing in the knowledge of how to best take care of ourselves.

Because God has blessed me so greatly, I also want to be a blessing to others and serve God through this home!

Then, there were just certain verses that I felt needed to go in specific rooms. For example, the Dining Room:

And the kitchen…

And the bathroom…

Then one special verse I picked out especially for my daughter:

And finally a special I love you note from my daughter to me…

And one special note to my daughter from her best friend…

I can’t imagine anything more special then having my house blessed and covered in God’s word and truth! Before we left that evening, we prayed over the house as a group, standing in a circle. I will never forget the feelings of gratitude, excitement, and overwhelming love.

Happy Wednesday, my friends! I hope you enjoyed this photo journey!!

(As a side note, the general contractor told me later one of his men thought the house had been vandalized! When he went in with the guy and they started looking at what was wrote, they realized what it really was. They read every verse! I hope they were blessed and given a glimpse of God that day!)

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