Open and Close Doors

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I could not imagine owning a house on my own.

But God.

And this is the story of my home.

January 2020. I feel it’s time to move on – get a place nearer to work and my friends. My first thought is rent because my credit is not that great and I think it’s my own option. Turns out, it wasn’t an option at all because rent is crazy expensive! So I took a giant leap of faith, contacted a mortgage broker at the recommendation of a friend, and applied for pre-approval.

And I got it.

There were some things that were going to have to be hammered out – points on the loan, closing costs, but I WAS approved for a loan. It was go time.

However, I didn’t want just any home. I wanted the BEST home for me. So I started praying – “God, please open and close doors on this journey. Open the doors you want me to walk through and please close the doors to the places that would not be best.”

See, I don’t believe there is just one thing that God has for us out in this world. I don’t believe there was only ONE decent house for me out there. I don’t believe there is just ONE job for each person. I think God gives us lots of wiggle room to make our own choices and it’s all fine.

But I didn’t want fine. I wanted the best God had for me. I do believe that God can lead us to the BEST if we ask Him.

Here’s the catch. You have to be willing to gracefully accept a lot of closed doors on the way. How else can He lead us? God did not speak verbally to me to say go this way and stop pursuing that house, and check here or there. Although that would have been easier.

So I prayed for open and closed doors.

The house search began. First, I was looking at condos – lots of condos. My prayer group was praying with me and I found one! It was beautiful! In the nicest looking condo area we had seen so far (my mom and I) and it was GRAY. I LOVE gray. It was beautiful. Didn’t have much storage but that was the only downfall. I decided to put an offer in on it… and it was accepted!

I went to my prayer group filled with excitement, saying God led me to this condo! I love it!


The inspection.

The mold.

Um, No. I withdrew my contract.

Sadness, tears. But… peace. I asked God to close doors on the places that weren’t the best He had for me! And he answered my prayer. It was ok. It was a gooood thing.

So on the search went. Turns out the loan I was getting was never going to approve an FHA loan anyway on a condo in my town. So the search turned towards houses.

We looked at houses and houses. I stalked Zillow. My dad pulled up listings for me. And eventually, I found the cutest little house. It was FOUR minutes from my best friend. It was pretty. Adorable even on the inside. Open floor plan. I loved it. So I put an offer in and it was accepted!

I told my prayer group, Thank God, He didn’t allow me to get the condo because this house is so much better!


The inspection.

The rat feces and urine infesting the entire attic.

Big. Fat. No.

I withdrew the contract and cried. I cried but I remember telling God, “I’m so sad. I loved that house. But I’m glad you closed the door. Thank you for answering my prayers to open and close doors. Please keep leading me to the BEST house.”

I was sad. Really sad. But God was answering my prayer and I was trusting Him!

After that house, I started looking at new builders. The problem with new builders was I was going to need help with closing costs and it didn’t seem that new builders would do that. However, I started asking. Emailing and calling lots of places. And I found Holiday Builders.

Yes, it was in my budget. Yes, they would help with closing costs. Yes, they were building houses and I could drive around and pick any lot I wanted to!

So I did! Raegan and I drove and checked out so many lots. Picked one. Realized it wouldn’t have great internet because it was kinda far out. So we picked another – and when I called to let the salesperson know, he said it had already been scooped up. (Closed door, closed door) So we picked another… and got it!!

I signed the contract in August of 2020!

The house was just finished and I moved in one week ago today!

Some huge blessings:

  • I have a brand new house – warranty, no gluten ever has been here for my celiac kiddo.
  • I have my own piece of land, my own piece of heaven on Earth.
  • We got to watch the house being built from the ground up.
  • My parents have been AMAZING blessings in helping me get some of the appliances and things for my house that I couldn’t have done on my own.
  • I closed on the last day of school which means I literally have all summer to set the house up any way I want.
  • I signed last August and the price of my house has risen by almost $40,000 since then! Immediate equity!

Thank you, Jesus, for opening and closing doors for me! If you have a decision to make, I encourage you to ask God to open and close doors to lead you to your best. I believe it’s a prayer that He loves to answer. Just be prepared for doors to close for seemingly no reason. God sees the big picture, my friend!

I put together a short photo journey of our house being build to share below. It made me teary watching the progress!

Nothing but a field and a dream at this point!

Then comes the dirt! We even drove up one day when the trucks were unloading and dumping the dirt. That was a lot of fun to watch!

Some concrete edges. Some pipes. Some imagining of where the rooms will be. So much joy!

Looks like they are getting ready for foundation! And looks like it must have been one of those rare coldish days we get here in Florida!

Foundation is in! I love my kiddo – she made these pictures so much fun!

We have walls! It’s starting to look like a house!

The roof is on and the inside walls are being framed out!

Just dreaming by her bedroom window.

We had a blessing party! Some of my village and friends came over to write verses on the framing and cement walls of my house. God’s presence is here! I’ll share this whole story in a blog to come. It was so special!

Look! A bathtub! A little random at this point.

And a front door!

It’s really staring to look like a house now!

Cabinets are IN!!

And closet doors… A good hiding place, she says.

Oh, it’s so beautiful.

Mommy’s closet! The end is so near!

Oh, this kid!

The keys. What an amazing feeling!!

Walking in our HOME for the first time.

The inside pictures you’ll have to wait for! More decorating to be done before I share the final reveal!

Happy Saturday, my friends!!!

3 Comments on “Open and Close Doors

  1. I remember the building of our house, it was such an experience especially since I had designed it myself. I’m so happy you have your own house and that you trusted God for the final result…it’s the only way to go.


  2. So happy for you having your new home. Your little girl’s smile and personality really come through in the pictures. She is a joy.


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