Already, But not yet

Live in the sphere of what God has done for you already, but not yet.

Pastor Ryan

Last week, my best friend encouraged me to listen to the message from her church. We attend different churches, each wonderful and one of the gifts of that is to be able to share messages with each other that we didn’t hear on Sunday.

It took me three days to get through the whole service because of interruptions and everything trying to stop me from hearing the message which was the last 20 – 25 minutes and it was so powerful.

So powerful that I went back, listened again on youtube while typing and taking notes, and pausing and backing up what he said, just to get it right because I don’t want to forget it, I want to live it.

There was so much truth and power in the message! I’m going to share some quotes from his message in this post today – and what they mean to me and how I want to apply it in my life. I have to admit, this post is more for me – to remember and have something to go back to, because I want to live in the sphere of what God has promised, even though it hasn’t happened just yet.

If Gideon hadn’t joined the fight, victory would have happened for the children of Israel, it just wouldn’t have happened for Gideon. When God shows up to say something, its an invitation into His purpose that requires our partnership.

Pastor Ryan

This was one of the first things he started off with and it hit me. God will accomplish what he wants with or without my help. He doesn’t need me. He’s inviting me to be a part of it, a part of something bigger and better than what’s already happening in my life. He has a purpose and he doesn’t force me to participate. He invites me to partner with Him.

I believe God’s plan and purpose for my life involves health and energy and much less pain. Words of health and life have been spoken over me. God’s promises have been spoken over me. And when someone speaks truth and promise and purpose over you, it imparts power. But we must partner with that power.

There is divine enablement in me by the prophesy that has been spoken over me. When those words were spoken over me something was imparted into me. An impartation of grace and the power of it’s own fulfillment. All that’s needed is the partnership of my own faith. His word spoken releases grace and divine enablement.

Pastor Ryan

Because God promises it, because it’s been spoken over me, it’s already happened. God has already done it… just.. not yet. There is a sphere of my life where health has been accomplished. Where I’m living out my purpose for God with energy and vitality. I need to understand and grasp that what God promises, he WILL accomplish and it’s time for me to believe it and start living in the sphere… even though it isn’t here yet.

God speaks to us where we’re at to invite us into a different sphere where it’s already done. To draw us into living as if it’s already done, but not yet. The sphere – the possibility of the promise. The promises of God have great possibility and power.

Pastor Ryan

And when I choose to live in the sphere of what God has promised, the sphere of not yet, then I am living with the knowledge of what it takes to get there. When I know what God has for me, and I’m living it, then I can recognize when lies come against me and say “No! I won’t partner with that!” When a temptation comes before me, I can say, “That does not align with what God has for my life!” and walk away.

Nope, that’s not the word of God over my life. When we have an ear to hear and we know what God’s saying, when we hear another voice we can say I will not partner with that, that’s not the voice of God. I will not come into agreement with that. I was not designed for a stronghold. I was built and made for freedom, I refuse to partner with any whisper from the adversary. If it’s not in alignment with the word of God over my life, I will not partner with it. I know what God said over me. I have an ear to hear and no other voice will I follow.

Pastor Ryan

“I was not designed for a stronghold.”

Oh, my friends – unhealthy eating has such a stronghold on me. It has all my life. But God says I was not designed for a stronghold. I was designed for freedom from unhealthy eating, from binge eating, from being unhealthy and feeling unwell.

I want to live in the sphere of a healthy Christy, full of energy, living out God’s plan rather than hindering it. A free Christy, happy and well and having overcome the physical problems brought on by my weight.

It’s right here, right now where the battle is fought. I can choose to live in the sphere of not yet, and fight my battle in the here and now, and know that one day, I will be there.

I’m still struggling. I don’t have the answers. But this message inspired me to keep looking, keep trying, and to visualize the place I want to be, the place God has for me, and to use that vision to say no the things that stand in the way.

In the sphere of not yet, the battle is waged. Keep stewarding the word of God over your life. Enter into the sphere the promise created and do not be moved from it.

Pastor Ryan

Listen to Pastor Ryan’s message here:

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