Our Puppy Story!

When my daughter was about five years old, she was begging for a puppy. I flippantly said, “maybe when you’re ten.” That solidified as a promise in her mind. Ever since then, she has randomly told people that she was going to have a dog when she was 10 years old.

Well, my friends, she turns ten in June! Crazy, crazy how fast time goes.

Years ago when I was dreaming of a dog, I realized that we really needed a dog that was non-shedding and as hypoallergenic as possible. We both suffer from allergies and had to give away our pet bunny about a year after getting her. Add in to that, my punkin’s celiac diagnosis and other health issues… I just knew we needed a certain type of dog.

Through research, I fell in love with the golden doodle. I told my best friend all about this amazing dog and she ended up getting hers before me! Ha! Her Maxwell is the BEST!

In January of 2020, I started to look to buy a house or condo and knew it was time to look for a dog as well. A Goldendoodle or other doodle mix takes time to get. Usually you go on a wait list. So I put my name on a waitlist without knowing exactly what house we would be getting or what the timeline would be.

My house story will be for another blog post, but I put a deposit down and signed a contract to build a house last August. So.. time to get serious about the dog. One problem that surfaced was that because of the pandemic, the already high cost of a “designer” dog had gone up and I was putting most of my money (who are we kidding – just about all of my money) towards the house. So… I really had no idea how this was going to work.

As I researched dogs, breeds, and breeders, I begin to pray about the financial aspect of getting the dog. I told God, “I have no idea how I can afford to buy a dog… I don’t know how it’s going to happen, so please step in and make this happen in your time and in your way. Help me not to get swayed with wrong decisions and please provide a dog for my daughter!”

I kept researching and reading and eventually went from wanting a doodle to a straight up poodle. They are intelligent, hypoallergenic, non-shedding and SO Sweet!! During my research, I learned about guardian homes – where a breeder will give you a dog but use the dog to breed a few litters before fully signing rights over to you.

I thought… maybe THIS will be how God provides. I reached out to many breeders within 2 hours of where we live and starting putting thought and prayers into this idea. As we prayed, I kept praying that God would provide the right dog in the right way. This was something I had to continually encourage my daughter to pray as well because she wanted every dog she saw! lol!

When my Dad heard about guardian homes, he was immediately against it. He really hated the idea and I take my dad’s opinions seriously. I was a little down about it.. but then he said, “Listen. I’ll buy your dog. When you’re ready, YOU could start breeding – pay me back with interest and not only do I make a good investment, you possibly have an additional income!”

Now, how can I argue with that?? I still prayed about it though… but felt this was the way to go!

Now, more research because now I not only want a standard poodle but one that comes with AKC registration, breeding rights, health tested parents and preferably close by and that allows visits. Even though just about no breeder allows visits in this current world state.

I joined lots of facebook groups on doodles and poodles, put feelers out there, talked to breeders, and kept reaching out. Every time I would talk to a breeder it would go into the “Scammer pile” or “This may be the one pile.” However out of all the maybes, there was always something small that held be back because I could hear God’s voice saying… not this one. Not until it ALL lines up. You’ll know.

So one great breeder after another was left behind – maybe because they were in Alabama or didn’t allow visits or… you get the idea. I kept hearing God’s voice saying, just wait. So… we waited.

Then, THEN, we found THE breeder. This took months and months, friends. But this breeder offered Full AKC registration, health tested parents, breeding rights and even offered to help train new breeders. On top of that she allowed visits… and… she was FIVE MINUTES from my house.

Done deal. Well, almost. We did go visit (my mom, daughter, and I) first and fell in love. With the breeder, with her dogs, with everything she stood for. I made myself go home and pray about it and then let her know a few days later that once her mama confirmed pregnancy, that I would like to put a deposit down.

Three days later, the pregnancy was confirmed and she contacted me (Well I had messaged her with a “good luck!” that morning… and she asked what I wanted to do. I said I’ll put down a deposit now! She THEN told me that she was not planning on keeping one back from this litter so she was giving me her number one, pick of the litter spot!!! Just another confirmation from God that THIS was the one.

The beautiful mama Hershey delivered her pups 17 days ago. When my punky saw the pictures (the breeder sent pictures during and after delivery, I’m telling you she’s amazing), she said I want the pink collar girl. I told her that she was beautiful but we should probably wait and meet the dogs and see temperament. That night when we prayed, SHE, my daughter prayed that she wouldn’t get over excited about any one puppy but that we would get just the right puppy that God wanted for us. I was so teary. What a beautiful prayer from a 9 year old that has waited so long!

The icing on the cake is that the breeder allows us to visit and hold an snuggle with our little puppy angel often! We did decide on pink collar girl and her name is Journey! She is precious and tiny and so sweet! We could not be more in love.

One final God moment and then I’ll share pictures! During all of my research, I have also researched dog food. We need a gluten free dog food because our house will be completely gluten free and my daughter needs to be able to feed our dog. Again, I asked questions, looked at brands, read and read and read, and I kept ending up on Victor Pro Plus. So one day, I messaged my breeder and asked what she fed her dogs… and you know what it was, right?? Victor Pro Plus!!! Out of the HUNDREDS of dog foods out there, she feeds the one I had my eye on. Another God wink/God hug letting us know we waited for the perfect dog.

Six weeks until she comes home to us and we can’t wait. Happy Saturday Friends!

Day 1 – Birthday!
Day 3 🙂 We met her!
Day 13
Day 13
Day 13
Day 15 🙂

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