Trusting before You See

I was scared to post these pictures on Facebook the other day…

You see, I’ve been trying to buy a house for almost a year. I really feel like it’s the right time and I’ve prayed over the steps we’ve gone through. We put an offer on a condo that seemed perfect and I really truly thought God has led us there. I told my prayer group about it and we were all excited.

Then the inspection came and it had mold throughout. That’s a no go.

Then a few months later, we put an offer on the cutest little house. Inspection day comes… and there were multiple nasty problems hidden unseen in a walk through. Again, I had thought this was perfect and where God wanted us.

Added on top of that, I haven’t been the wisest with money and my credit is not great. So every step has been filled with prayer and taking steps of faith.

I signed on contract on having a house built in August. Again, with prayer and due diligence I thought.. I think this is where God wants me.

The house was supposed to be finished by early January, and they only just broke ground this week.

My daughter and I have driven past the lot many times and just looked at it, thankful for it, excited for what is to come. We took these pictures holding these posters and I absolutely love them.

But I didn’t post them. Not for several weeks.

Because I was afraid. I’m afraid to put it out there again that I think this is what God has for us. I’m afraid that something will or could go wrong. That something, somewhere along the line could stop this from happening.


God has not given me a spirit of fear!!!

Also, I was reminded of this verse from Isaiah that my friend has clung to many times.

She heard a message on this verse about enlarging your tents in preparation for what God is going to bring to you. The point of it, though, was to enlarge your tents, widen your spaces, make room for the blessings God is bringing… before you see it. Before it’s there. When you’re still in the hope and faith stage… to step out and start making preparations for what you are praying for God to provide!

So…. with that in mind, I shared the photos on Facebook and I share them here with you today.

God has great plans for us, plans of abundance and hope, and a good future. I’m believe God wants me to have a house… to serve Him in, to raise my daughter in, to minister to others in.

So it’s out there. I’m trusting God on this. I’m “enlarging my tents” so to speak and “adding extensions to my dwelling” in excitement as I wait to see how everything works out and what I can soon do to serve Him in my own home.

Thanks for reading, friends. Somehow my mornings seem to go so fast! Happiest of Thursdays to you!!

2 Comments on “Trusting before You See

  1. Wonderful! It is hard to trust when you think God lead you to a place; & it didn’t work out. That happened to me; but God is good! He is faithful & He does indeed have great plans for our lives.


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