God can speak to us in so many ways. A still quiet voice, what we mistake for our “conscience,” through the bible, a pastor, a friend, the TV, an image… Really we can see an hear from God in any number of ways.

Recently, God spoke to me through my daughter. We have been attending a church that I love, absolutely love – in fact I’ve written about my experiences there. A few months ago, they shut down for two weeks due to a Covid exposure and so we visited a friend’s church. My daughter fell in love with the people, the atmosphere, everything about this small church. She talked about it for weeks.

However, as soon as our church opened back up, we were back there. It’s a wonderful church and after a few months, in the beginning of November, I begin taking the classes to learn more about the church to decide if I wanted to become a covenant partner, or member, of the church.

The things I learned were all in line with what I want in a church. It’s a four week class and then, on week 3, my punkin said, “Mommy, I really want to go back to that other church.”

I immediately felt this was from God. It was a gentle check in my spirit that said, “Yes, the church you are going to is wonderful, but I have something else for you.”

As often happens, I questioned whether this was God speaking, but it’s just me and my punkin and I want to be somewhere that is a good fit for both of us. I told her that we could go back to the other church and we would pray about where God wants us.

For the past three weeks, we have attended this beautiful little church – little as in they are new, in their first year… a pandemic year at that. Each we that we show up, I feel more and more at home. Something I did not feel at the other church, as much as I loved it!

The people are so kind and welcoming and I found myself having conversations with new people and enjoying it… Sometimes it’s hard to meet new people, but not here.

The biggest joy, though, has been watching my daughter blossom. My kiddo – who tends to hide her face from people, hide behind me, be tentative and cautious in new circumstances, has shown none of those tendencies here. No, in fact, the opposite!

She talks to everyone who speaks to her, gladly runs into children’s church, and then runs and plays with the other kids while I talk to people after church. Yesterday, the church held an appreciation breakfast and as we got out of the car, Dr. Joe, the children’s teacher, yelled out “Hey Raegan!!” She grabbed my hand, pulling me, saying COME ON, Mom!!

She can’t wait to get there, to see her new friends, to be in the atmosphere that is created by the Pastor and his wife, the other members of the church there. I watch her smile and laugh and be so confident and secure in this church and I know, I know, that God led us here through her.

And I’m so thankful I listened.

God’s voice is everywhere, if we get in the habit of listening for it.

If you are local to me and want to check out this church, message me and I will get you the info!

Happy Monday, friends!

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