I am Successful

I love this girl here! My best friend and author of Brave, Blessed, and Beautiful. She has challenged her readers to memorize God’s word. She writes about why in her blog post: Why is it important to memorize scripture? and how to do it here and here.

I joined her on this journey and thought I would add my own reasons why today. A lot has to do with the verse in the picture of me and Vanessa. God says to think about his teachings day and night and we will be successful – like a tree that always produces fruit and with leaves that never fall. I love that image and I want to be successful! And the only way I can think about God’s teachings day and night is if I know them.

So, I committed to learning some new verses, two per week, along with Vanessa and some other wonderful ladies.

A huge benefit of learning these verses is not for my own gain, though. Knowing God’s word allows me to help others, to encourage others, to life people up… using God’s truths, which are far more powerful than my own advice.

When a friend is hurting, I will have a ready arsenal to do battle with… battle in spiritual places, battle against lies of the enemy, battles against low self esteem and negative self-talk. When we combat these things with God’s truth, we win! Anytime we battle to overcome negative thoughts with positive truth, we are heading in the right direction. And if we can back it with God’s truth, it has even THAT MUCH MORE power.

God’s word is living and powerful. There are many times when I don’t know what to say to a friend that is struggling… by memorizing verses, God will be able to give me the right words at the right time. He can bring to mind not just ideas but concrete verses to share with others that will shed light and love on their situation.

I’m pretty excited by this.

If you’d like to join, we are just now beginning week 2. You can see week 1 and week 2 on my friend’s blog and then I like to take those same verses and look up different versions as another option. I’ve fallen in love with reading God’s word in various versions and being open to see what God has to say to me through them. So I will post below the four verses to begin with and we can move on from here. 🙂

Here are the verses from last week:

And here are the verses for this week:

Happy Monday, Friends!

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