So, those Election Results, huh?

Are you feeling devastated? Worried? Confused?

Don’t be.

Oh… did you want more? 🙂

See, the way I’ve been thinking about it for a few days now is this… God knew exactly what was going to happen, even when we didn’t.

And even now, he isn’t shaking His head in regret, thinking “Oh man… How am I going to accomplish my goals in the United States without Trump as president??”

He’s also not pumping His fist in the air, yelling “YES! Biden won… now we can carry on with my plan for this nation!”

That’s a ridiculous thought either way, isn’t it?

These results are not a surprise to God. Whether it went your way or not, God is still God. God is still in charge. God can accomplish anything He wants to in our nation, regardless of who is in the presidential role.

Now, can’t we rest in that?!

I don’t have much more on my heart to share at the moment other than looking up a few truths from God’s word. Enjoy! Plus another cute picture of my kiddo from today because why not??

Happy Saturday, friends!

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