God’s Word Intervenes

Disclaimer: When I talk about my daughter’s struggles, I am deliberately vague. Not to be annoying as I know it can be, but to protect her privacy. Her story is hers to tell and if and when she chooses to share the yucky stuff, I will fully support her. She had a heart to help others but when I am writing about some of her struggles, I try to respect the parts that are hers to tell.

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about how hard October is for us and that she was struggling and suffering through something. This thing gets a grip on her mind. Her mind becomes tormented by a spirit of fear and nothing I can do can break through this fear. No logic, no reasoning, no promises of reward or thoughts of consequences will break through. It’s heartbreaking and frustrating and painful and… I’m not sure I can put into words what it’s like.

The thing is there is a step she can take to move herself from that place of suffering and fear and into release and rest. She just, in those moments, sometimes in those days as was the case here, she just can’t do it. She just can’t.

As I am growing closer to God, our Father, I am learning to teach my punkin in these moments to reach to God for help. God, her Father, is there to give her power, strength, peace, courage, and whatever she needs to get through. She has a sticker that says “God makes me brave.” We cling to that, we pray for it, we hold onto it.

Two days ago, she was still struggling. Sometimes she wants me close and sometimes she wants to be alone but she pulled me close and cried, “I need you Mommy. I need you.”

There was nothing I could do. Do you know how tortuous that is to a parent?

But I was there. And I thought of a bible story that she, herself, had learned in kid’s church. This story had stood out to her – it’s the story of the blind man who went to Jesus to be healed. Jesus made some mud from the dirt on the ground and covered the blind man’s eyes with it. Then he told the man to go and wash in the river and he would be healed.

When punky told me this story, I felt God speaking through me to expound upon it. I asked if she realized that the man had a part to do. Jesus could have just healed him on the spot, but instead he told him to go and wash in the river.

I asked my daughter, “If the man had not obeyed and done his part, if he had just stopped and wiped his eyes off with his coat, do you think he would have been healed?”

We decided probably not. He had to be obedient. He had to do his part in going to the river and washing his eyes to recieve full healing.

So as I’m sitting with daughter in this terrible time, this story comes to mind and I start speaking to her. I remind her of the story and I reminded her that the man had to do his part. That Jesus had all the healing and grace and power to heal him but that He asked the man to do his part to recieve healing. I told my punkin, God is here right now. He has all the healing and grace and power to get you through this moment, but just like the blind man, you have to do your part, too.

Within ten minutes of this, she pushed through. She did her part and was able to recieve relief, rest, and peace.

My friends, God’s word is alive and powerful. Vanessa, from Brave, Blessed, and Beautiful is writing a series on memorizing bible verses and this, right here, this is one of the best reasons I can think to join her.

God’s word is a sword, a weapon, something to fight with. It has power. It brings change. When we use God’s word, we are using the most powerful tool we have to fight with. And we don’t always have the bible in front of us when we need it. If we don’t take the time to memorize and learn God’s word, then when God wants us to speak, when God has a word for us to share, it makes it so much harder. Imagine if God could just whisper share this verse… share this story… share this part of my word… and it moves mountains.

This is the power of memorizing verses. As we memorize, we build up an arsenal of weapons that God can remind us of in difficult situations. That we, with God’s power, will know how to use and when to use to make a difference in this world today.

When we pray with God’s word, we are bringing power straight down from heaven to the here and now that we see around us. The battle is going on in spiritual places, but we see the effects of it here on Earth. And we can be a part of the battle, the battle that we will win, that we have won in Jesus.

I am excited to get back to the practice of memorizing God’s word. I want to meditate on it and have it ready for when it is needed. To speak it back to people in need, to call on God’s words in my own prayers. He hears us, no matter what we say and how we say it, He hears us. But how much more power can we bring when we back it with God’s own word and truth?

Happy Saturday my friends and Happy, Happy, Happy end of October!!

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