Monday, on the way to school, my daughter told me the most precious thing, the thing that melted my heart and made me proud and teary and like maybe, just maybe I’m doing some things right.

If you’ve followed me at all, you know I’ve been through trauma… avoided church for about 9 years… and a few months ago, God started reeling me back in. He reached for me, has loved on me, has broken chains off of me, and I am growing, growing so much!

The most amazing part of growing though is seeing my daughter grow with me. She has always known God because I have always loved God, even when not going to church. But I was not actively living out my faith and now that I am growing and beginning to, she is just as much in it as I am.

She is hungry. She wants to know and she hears me when I talk. She hears what is being taught in kid’s church.

We’ve started doing devotions in the morning together just this week and the time is invaluable. We’ve talked about the upcoming election with a God view of the issues, and she gets it.

And on Monday morning, she told me, “Mom. Since we’ve been going to church… now when we sing, I put my hands up and close my eyes.”

Tears were already filling mine at the vision. “Why do you do that?” I asked.

“I’m sending love to God.”

And that right there is worship, my friends. To set everything else aside and send love to God. Whether it’s through music or prayer or heartfelt gratitude, just send love to God and you are worshipping.

Through the eyes of a child…

Thank you, God, for my daughter, my little love of my life. Thank you for helping me to grow during her most formative years so that she can grow to know you also. Thank you that she has a heart for you and for truth and for love and goodness and kindness. Help me to always nurture and encourage her heart to seek You. In Jesus name, Amen.

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