It’s Just Talking

Prayer, that is. It’s just talking to God. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Sometimes I think I should sound more spiritual… but really that’s not my style. It’s just not how I do it. And then I remind myself that everyone can sound different when they pray because there are no rules when it comes to prayer!

The verse of the day in the bible app (actually two verses) but the first was this…

It made me smile. It’s just a reminder that we don’t have to use lots of words or religious words or anything really in order to pray. All we need to do is talk to God. Just the same way you talk to your best friend. It doesn’t have to sound like a preacher in order for God to hear you. In fact, He’d rather just hear from you – just the way you are. Your honest thoughts, your regular vulnerable self. There’s no need to dress up your words or get fancy in order to meet with God. He meets us right where we are, exactly as we are.

In addition to that, God welcomes our honesty. Sometimes honesty includes anger. It’s ok to tell God when you’re angry. Or confused. Or doubting. Or hurting. It’s even ok to say to God – “I don’t feel like praying right now!”

Here’s the thing – God knows what we are thinking anyway. We can’t hide anything from Him. Prayer is not about telling God things He doesn’t already know. He’s not waiting to be surprised by your words. He knows them. He knows you. Prayer is about building a relationship with the One who made you, who loves you, who wants to be with you. Prayer is a way we grow closer to God and get to know Him better. Prayer is an act of obedience. Prayer is an act of love. Prayer is something God wants from us.

So… he doesn’t put any rules on it. There’s no special way to come to God in prayer. He simply wants to hear from us. He wants the relationship. And He wants to bless us and answer those prayers.

Prayer is a beautiful thing.

If you are uncomfortable with prayer or not sure where to start, I hope this helps. Just talk to God. Like a friend, like a father. Pray to God as someone who loves You and wants only the best for you. He’s not judging your prayers. He is delighted to hear from you – whatever and however you speak to Him.

One more thing, just to emphasize that there are no rules to prayer.
– You do not have to have your eyes closed.
– You do not have to fold your hands.
– You can close your eyes if you want to, or not.
– You can pray while standing, kneeling, sitting, driving, anywhere.
– You can pray out loud or in your head – God still hears you.
– You can pray alone or with friends.
– You can tell God anything.

Happy Wednesday, my Friends!!

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