Be Where You Are

So the last month plus has been a bit difficult. I’ve had a few extra migraines, some back pain, and some inconsistency with being able to get the medicine that I needed. It wreaked havoc on my body, mind, and emotions. We also started back to school (I’m teaching Home Connect 3rd grade and LOVING it) and that has taken a lot of time and energy.

So. I haven’t blogged.


I’m not going to let myself feel guilty about it.

I love this blog and I want to be consistent in sharing, but the last month was hard. Some days hard to just get up and do the minimum.

I did, though, always what I needed to. Just not always much extra.

And that’s ok. I am not where I want to be. I’d love to be healthy, happy, at a healthy weight, feeling good every day, emotionally calm, less anxiety… you know.

The point of this post, and of life I think, is to just be where you are. Accept where you are. Do your best and know that the best looks different each day and maybe during different periods of your life. The last month plus did not include a lot of things I think, know, are vital to my well being.

I’ve been really upset about it, too. Defeated. Depressed. Angry at myself. Which helps me not at all.

Sometimes, you just need to get through a season and survive it. Sometimes, you might not even know why you are feeling that way. And sometimes, just getting up and getting through the day is a huge success.

Eventually, eventually, you start to crawl out of the yuck you’ve been feeling. Some days, One day, you take another step towards health and it’s the right step. And that one step helps you take the next step and you begin your climb out of the valley.

And some days you try to move forward and find yourself stuck in the same old yuck as the day or week before. But don’t give up. It will not last. The valley never lasts if you just keep putting your feet on the floor and keep going.

Maybe your first step is prayer.
Maybe it’s going to church.
Maybe it’s eating a healthy meal or drinking more water.
Maybe it’s trying new vitamins.
Maybe it’s reaching out to friends and asking for help, seeking a counselor, or making a phone call.
Maybe it’s reading your bible or starting a new devotional.
Maybe it’s picking up another personal development book and working on mindset.
Maybe it’s meditation or getting more sleep or taking a few naps.
Maybe it’s going on a bike ride or a walk or starting a new exercise program.

And maybe you do a lot of those things and still sit in the valley. Which was me, for the last month. I did a lot of these things, painfully, with effort, and stayed in the valley.

But maybe, one day things start to click and you have a better day.
Maybe the next day, you realize you have more energy and the days are flying by and you feel good about it.
Maybe the vitamins you decided to splurge on really are working to heal the body.
Maybe, it’s just time and you’ve put in the effort, and it’s time to rise.
Maybe you start to cook healthier meals every night, instead of occasionally.
And maybe you wake up one Saturday morning and decide it’s time to blog again.

And maybe, just maybe by sharing what you go through, it helps someone else who is in the valley or has been in the valley and it gives them home to keep going, keep moving forward even if they don’t yet see progress.

And maybe that’s been and should be and will always be the point of my blog – to share that sometimes I’m a mess. To share that you are not alone. To share that no matter how long a valley lasts, there is always an end and a way out.

And maybe, I used the word maybe way too many times today.

Happy Saturday, friends, and welcome back.

4 Comments on “Be Where You Are

  1. Good to see you post little sister. Prayed for you. You are always welcome in our blogger chat but no pressure about it. Step by step little sister. Jesus loves you.

    Liked by 1 person

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