Rest & You Ares

Will I ever get over this need to do more, work harder, achieve all things?

As soon as I decide to turn my health over to God, I want to take it back. I wrote a few weeks back about giving it to God to handle – my weight, my health problems, my journey to health, all of it. Then we just happened to be forced to go gluten free, dairy free, and give up fast food (my weakness) because of Celiac disease and I thought “Oh yeah, I”M doing good now. I’ll be getting healthy for sure.”

Right back to me, me, me and I, I, I.

God was quick to point out, this is going to have to be His victory. Nothing I’ve ever tried or done on my own has ever been enough and I think it’s because God really wants to show me that He can handle this without me interfering. I think He’s trying to show me that He really doesn’t need my help. Huh. Imagine that.

So I had a moment in church last week, where once again I gave it all to Him. More so than ever before. I give you my body, my emerging liver disease, my pre-diabetes, my migraines, all of it. I give it to You, God, to handle. You have to be the one to heal me, without me, just You, and I give it to You.

And that became my daily prayer. I give it to You, God, I pray for healing, for your power, your strength, and your healing.

Then I got a migraine on Thursday… Friday… Saturday… Sunday… and I’m like what?! This is so backwards. What am I doing wrong? Is my faith not strong enough? I’ll pray harder! I’ll pray for more faith! I’ll work harder at praying.

Do you see what I’m doing? Again? Bringing it back to me and what I can do to make it happen. My friend was like you need to rest! Rest because of the migraine but just rest in God. So I said Ok, is there an I am for that? (I have to laugh at the way that sounds, got an I am for that?)

She responded, after thinking, that probably better than I ams would be You ares. To speak You are’s back to God and to rest in His promises. She’s shared this before but I hadn’t really tried it. So I began. And it made a difference. For me, in this space, for where I’m at right now, I really needed (need to) focus on Who God is rather that what I am doing or can do or could do more or better. (Does that make sense?) My focus had to/has to shift off of me and onto Him for this mountain to move.

God, You are good. You are full of promises. You are a healing God, a God who has healed time and time again and You will heal me now. You promised to complete a good work in me and You will not stop until it is finished. You have good plans for, plans for hope and a future. You promised me life and life abundantly and You will deliver on Your promises. You are so good, God! You are a miracle worker, a promise keeper, a way maker. You have ever detail planned, every t crossed and ever i dotted and I trust You God. I trust You.

A simple shift of saying You ares helps us to focus on the One who makes all things possible. He doesn’t need to hear Who He is, but it changes us. It changes our heart, our attitude, our mood, our atmosphere. It’s really quite amazing.

To read more about You Ares from my friend, go here to read I Ams and You Ares.

Have an amazing Monday, my friends. Let me know if you decide to try some You Ares today!

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