In the Moment

Can you zoom into the center of this photo on my daughter for a second? This is living in the moment. It was her birthday. Her favorite meal. Surrounded by some of her favorite people. And if we can set aside the manners aspect of waiting until everyone is served, this girl is just loving life. Chaos around her but she is blissfully diving into her gluten free spaghetti with the world’s best home-made marinara made by my best friend. Oh yes, she was living in the moment and loving life.

I love this picture for just that reason. It’s the perfect image and reminder for us to stop looking around at the chaos that often surrounds us – the bills, the tasks, the to do lists, the worries, the cleaning, the whatevers and just be present in the moment.

Eat the spaghetti!

Drink the coffee!

Talk to your friend!

Wash the dishes! Just the dishes, nothing else. Let your mind rest while you do the mindless task of washing the dishes. It’s OK to do that!

Write your blog and only the blog. Close the other tabs, Christy! No need to multitask here!

Savor the moment. Drink it in. This moment is our life and if we are not careful we will worry and think it away without even realizing it. We can play a game with our kids while our mind is thinking about our to-do list and we miss the joy of being with our kids.

We can have a cup of the most delicious coffee (ahem, Chuck’s coffee) but we might not even taste it if we are distracted by other things and then what’s the point?!

It’s like driving home and reaching home and you don’t even remember getting there because your mind was so distracted. I think we’ve all probably done that, right? But… what if we are doing it right over the most important parts of our life? We are missing the things that are important when we do not live in the moment.

Whatever you are doing, try to do just that. Just that – whatever it may be. When you are finished, move onto something else. When it’s work, then work and give it your full attention. And when it’s play, do the same! Give it your full attention and play. And when it’s rest, well then rest. If it’s a movie, watch the movie. If it’s a card game, play the cards.

My daughter calls me out on this sometimes and I’m both ashamed and glad she does. There are times she will ask me to do something with the qualification “and no phones.” It’s her way of saying she wants my full attention. And it’s a good reminder to me that she deserves it and that I haven’t been giving her enough of my full attention.

This blog is as much for me, more for me, than anyone else. Especially during these months of social distancing, I’ve become more attached to my phone than ever. If there ever was a time stealer, attention sucker, it’s the cell phone. When you’re on the phone, fine – be on the phone. But when you’re doing something else, put the phone down! (Christy!!!)

Let us be like my daughter on her birthday downing that spaghetti, friends. Be IN the moment and enjoy life! Happy Friday Friends!!

6 Comments on “In the Moment

  1. I see such pure joy on your daughter’s face.

    I agree, as adults we are too often pulled from one thing to another while trying to multitask along the way. We blink, the sun is setting & we cannot remember what we did all day.

    I pray we can all live in the moment more & reallly enjoy the one & only life that God has given us.


    • Yes, exactly! We get to the end of the day and what have we done with it?


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