Affirmations & Anemones

What do they have in common? So glad you asked… Ok, yes I’m a dork sometimes. It’s ok, I’m alright with it. 🙂

Monday night, my best friend and I went live for the first time together to share about affirmations (I ams) and how pairing them with God’s word gives them Holy Spirit power that nothing and no one can take away! It’s a beautiful and amazing gift of power we have from Him!

During our talk, Vanessa was giving an analogy, a visual example of what it’s like to soak yourself in truth each day and I had an image and experience pop into my mind as well. Since we didn’t need two analogies at the same time of the same thing, I waited to share mine here…

Last Friday, I took my daughter to the Florida Aquarium. They allow you to touch all kinds of sea creatures there and I’m all about it. My kiddo isn’t, so she watches while I get all giddy with excitement over the chance to touch sting rays and JELLY FISH!! I had never before touched a jellyfish! So cool!!

One of the other animals I got to touch were some sea anemones like the one in the cover picture of this blog post. They are beautiful creatures and the first one I touched and ran my fingers through was so silky and smooth and mesmerizing. Long thick strands of pink silk sliding through my fingers. I loved the feel of it.

As I reached my hand in to touch the next one, one with shorter translucent green tentacles, I jumped back startled because it was really sticky! I even exclaimed, “Oh that one’s really sticky!” The person working behind the station said, “That means he is trying to sting you, but our skin is so thick we can’t actually feel the sting.”

And this was the image God gave to me when speaking on Monday night. When we are speaking I ams over ourselves daily, hourly, we are covering ourselves in God’s truth. We are building up thick skin to protect us from the enemy! We can feel God’s love pour over us from His word through the affirmations like silky strands soothing our souls. Saying our I ams, our affirmations over and over, declaring God’s truth over us provides a protective layer against the enemy, against any attacks that the enemy may send against us. When the enemy attacks, we may feel it – as I felt the green anemone, but it can not sting us! It has no hold on us, because we are so saturated, so protected, so covered with God’s truth it can do nothing but bounce off of us. There is no where for it to sting, to grip, because we are covered in God’s love, truth, and grace.

I love the image. I love it, I love it, I love it.

If you need some affirmations to speak over yourself check out this blog post here.

Find your favorites or make your own and speak them over yourself. Give yourself a protective barrier against them enemy. Happy Wednesday, my dear friends.

2 Comments on “Affirmations & Anemones

  1. I love when God teaches us things using our senses. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes & touches.. He created them all. When a lesson involves one or more of our senses we are more likely to remember it.


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