A New Day

To borrow some words from my best friend’s blog, “It’s a brand brand new day. A fresh start.”

If you ever need encouragement, you need go no farther than her blog – Brave, Blessed, and Beautiful. Check it out, you will leave refreshed and lifted up, I promise you.

I only have ten minutes to write but I’ve got something to say and I’m going to say it!

God is so good! Yesterday I was heavy in spirit and weak. I called on my friends to pray with me, to add their faith to mine, to join with me in prayer. We are fighting a spiritual battle, so far more than what we see with our Earthly eyes. How incredibly amazing it is that we do not have to fight alone!

Of course, we have Jesus on our side. But it is such a blessing to also have friends who love Jesus who will come along side of you when you need it! Who will put their arms around you, lift you up, and march along with you. I am so thankful. So Thankful to everyone who is praying for my daughter and me through this season.

I absolutely love the song Love by We are Messengers. One of the lines, that has the best most catchiest tune I Might add, says “Don’t hang your head when you get lonely…. No, I’ll never leave your side.” Just what Jesus promises all throughout the bible.

Another section of the song goes like this…

Your mercy is new every morning

Your grace sustains all of my life

You are the one that I run to

In You I am satisfied

Your mercy is new every morning… that’s what I feel today. His mercies are new, His grace is sustaining me, and He is the one I am running to.

Don’t worry, I’m going to post it below so you can listen to it, too. I won’t leave you hanging!

Just as I shared yesterday, we all have up days and down days and all kinds of days in between. Let us run to Jesus in all of the days! When we are weak, when we are strong, when we are happy and sad. Let us trust that He is the answer, He is working on the bigger picture, He has good plans for our life.

I’m hoping to get the call about the xrays today. I have no idea what the results will be but I can see clearly today that no matter what the results are, we will handle it. God will help us. He will turn the ugly into beautiful and the pain into joy. He will walk with us through it, and I’d have it no other way.

Bad things are going to happen. Whether I walk with Jesus or not. So if bad things are going to happen anyway, I’d much rather have Jesus help to get through it, His promise to make good come from it, than to go it alone.

Happy Thursday, friends. Here’s the song!

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