Open the Fridge

What do I write about today? God is so good. He continues to bless me and I am in awe.

On the way to bible study last night, my girl and I had church right in our car. Let me tell you, my girl can preach it. Even though she has no idea what “preachin” is.

I started off with a little talk about her actions – how she had been avoiding tasks, not doing what she needed to do. About how she needs to listen the first time and make good choices.

She took off from there. Her heart was open and receptive at that moment (praise Jesus!). She said “I get it, Mommy. I have to stop making excuses. I can’t keep saying I don’t feel good just because I don’t want to do something.”

She got it. I didn’t even use those words! She was able to speak back to me, in her own words, what the problem was.

She then asked if it was gluten making her act that way. (We had a huge incident with accidental cross contamination that perhaps I’ll share another day.)

In this case, though, I told her no. It wasn’t a gluten issue. It was a heart issue. A human issue. An issue we all face – of wanting to make excuses and get out of doing things we are supposed to do, just because we don’t feel like doing them. But that’s not the best way to live. That’s not living a good life.

Again, she took off. “Mommy, it’s like you just have to do it. God puts this good in us, but if we don’t reach in and pull it out, it’s never going to come out. Like, we could have all kinds of yummy food in the fridge, but if I don’t open the door, I’m never going to be able to get to it!!”


God gives us all the power, the strength, the “goods,” and the blessings. But if we don’t reach for it, if we don’t open up our hearts and our doors, it’s never going to come out. It’s never going to pour down on us.

Let’s open up our doors, friends, what do you say? Shall we open up our hearts to God’s goodness and blessings? Shall we reach inside of us to the goodness and strength and power that God supplies us with and pull it out and use it for good in the world?

I am so blessed. God is so good.

I am growing in my faith, and with me comes my daughter. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for the opportunity to grow and experience You and show Rae the way as well. Thank you that she learns through me, how good You are. Thank You.

Happy Friday, Friends! Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday!

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