The Beach is Soul Food

So many things are changing and have changed in the last few months.

Coronavirus, quarantine, social distancing, distance learning/teaching to name a few of the big ones.

But within me, there are some big changes happening as well and it leaves me a big confused when it comes to sharing on my blog. Everything I’ve shared up until now is still totally valid but I’m seeing it through different lenses.

If we do our I ams and affirmations within our own power, they are powerful still. But are they enough? Perhaps not. If we do our I ams through God’s power and through the truth of God’s word and what God wants for us, how much MORE powerful will they be? So much more. So much more.

I look back on everything I’ve done and tried to do within my own power, and it hasn’t been enough. I haven’t been successful by will power alone. I still want to do everything I’ve ever shared… but now I want to do it through God’s power, not my own.

Thankfully, I don’t think I’ve ever shared anything that goes against God – I just tried to do it on my own and through my own power and control and my big “Aha! moment” through this quarantine is that it just doesn’t work.

So I wanted to write about the beach today and how the beach is my soul food. It soothes me and calms me and gives me peace. One of my thoughts was… does that take away from God? From the one who gives peace when we ask? I thought for a moment and and asked Him.

But I don’t believe it does. Who created the beach? Who created all of the natural wonders of this world? God did! And everything God created is good and amazing!

The fact that the beach soothes my soul is a testament to the power and beauty of God’s creation! God created the beach, the waves, the sound, the smell, the sand, the salt, the sun. He created it and what He makes is good and He loves when we enjoy what He created!

Thank you, Lord, for the beach and for the way it feeds my soul and calms my spirit! Thank you for your amazing creations throughout nature that you fashioned with just Your Voice! You are amazing, God!

Thank you for creating places in this world that we can go to become refreshed! To be soothed. To be comforted. To let our spirits fly! Thank you, God!

Here’s to some beach days coming soon!

Happy Thursday, my friends!

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