Try some of these things…

Take a shower, get dressed. Maybe even do your hair and make up. While staying in your pajamas all day sounds amazing, doing so day after day can add to depression. Snap out of by actually getting up and making yourself feel better by showering and showing up, even if it’s just for you.

Move your body. Go for a walk or look on youtube for exercise videos. There are tons of free ones! Here’s a few I can recommend. Quiet your mind and stretch & strengthen your body by doing Yoga With Adrienne, have fun and dance with The Fitness Marshall (heads up – not all are appropriate for kids though he does have a playlist that is kid friendly), or simply Walk at Home with Leslie Sansone.

Exercise is a stress reliever! It releases endorphins and gives you a natural high. It distracts your from what is going on in the world and it’s a much needed break! It relaxes the body and can ease mild depression and anxiety – what many of us are feeling right now. Most of us are social distancing in an effort to do our part right now but that doesn’t mean we can’t get up and move! What are you doing to move your body during this time of self-isolation?

Practice gratitude. Whether you are watching the news religiously or just getting updates here and there, you are aware of what is going and it’s scary. It’s confusing and overwhelming and it’s easy to get caught up in the negativity and the what ifs and the fear of the situation. That’s when we really need to turn our focus to gratitude. Despite everything that is going on, we still have so much to be thankful for. We can be aware of and knowledgeable and concerned about what is going on in the world. We can make informed decisions and be safe, but we do not have to be overcome by fear. We can choose to focus on gratitude and our blessings even during this time.

Start a gratitude journal. Write down the things you are thankful for each day. Or…. OR….!! Begin a gratitude jar and add a write things you are thankful for on slips of paper each day and add them to the jar. One a day, a few day, whatever. Keep adding to the jar all throughout this pandemic. Blessings you encounter. Acts of kindness from strangers. Special moments with your family that you wouldn’t have had if you hadn’t been locked in together. Put them all in your Pandemic Jar. Your Corona Bottle? Haha! Have fun with it! When this is all over, you’ll be able to go back one day and reread the blessings that came out of this crazy time of our life!!

Connect. On a deeper level. You have the chance now to connect with your family and friends on a deeper level then you have before. You probably (maybe) have extra time on your hands. Spend it wisely. Have more in depth conversations. Go beyond the surface stuff and dig deep. What about a conversation with a grandparent about their life? When they were younger? Their childhood? Their jobs? More games with the family, more art projects with your kids, more reading to your children.

Make some phone calls to people you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Write some letters. Send some post cards. Send some messages on facebook or emails or… whatever. Connect with people you’ve lost touch with. Check in on people that perhaps no one else is checking in on. Think of yourself a little less, and think of others a little bit more.

Be productive. What projects have you been wanting to do in your house that you never have time to do? How good will it feel to have it done? Start a list and begin knocking it out! Is there anything better than crossing something off of our to do list? (I love lists, FYI.) Clean out the closet, go through your clothes, simplify, begin your journey to minimalism. Start your own blog, make your photo books and/or scrapbooks, learn how to knit or sew or garden or dance or play the guitar that’s gathering dust.

While I’m on the subject, Be Creative. Do something that makes you feel alive. Write a song, paint a picture, make some chalk drawings on the driveway. Put on some music and choreograph your own contemporary dance. Take some artsy photographs. Dress your kids up and do a fashion show and take lots of pictures. Write that book you’ve been wanting to write. Play with play doh! Make some play dough.

Get Grounded. Nature is healing. Go outside and sit in the yard. Plant your feet firmly on the Earth. Tilt your face to the sun and close your eyes and soak it in. Lay on a towel or blanket and let your soul relax. The earth is healing. The sun is healing. Feel it sink into your body. Dig in the earth. Plant some seeds. Water your plants. Be outside.

Listen to Music. Music is soothing to the soul. Listen to what makes you happy. Music can change our moods. It can lift us up and make us dance. It can calm our fears. It can make us courageous and brave. Find what you need and listen. And Sing. And dance. Be happy.

I love you, friends. I’m so thankful for you who read my blog. I’m so thankful to have a place to share and reach others. I’m so thankful to be able to write and know that I can help others. May your weekend be blessed as we continue on in these unusual times.

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