Proactive I Ams

I ams, or affirmations, really… I mean, really… need to be used proactively.

We need to be using our I ams all the time – not just when we feel like we need them. Not just when something bad is happening. Not just when we are feeling down. Oh no, not just then.

We used to be really good about saying I ams, my daughter and me. And we slacked off. We’ve been hit or miss and here’s my observations.

When we are actively doing I ams, we feel it and it helps ward off the negative feelings that are always coming at us. It helps combat the feelings of unworthiness. The feelings of I’m not good enough.

When we are doing I ams regularly, we are better equipped to fight off those feelings that come when we (she) gets a bad grade or has a tiff with some friends or doesn’t have someone to play with on the playground.

But when we slack off. When we don’t do our I ams for awhile… she has no reserves to fight those feelings off. So when she gets a bad grade, when something happens, she is bombarded with the feelings of I’m not smart. I’m not good enough. No one likes me. No one ever wants to play with me. This is the worst day ever. She is really struggling right now with FSA testing coming up and the anxiety over wanting to do her best. It’s killing me. She’s so down on herself.

In those moments, I know what we need to do. We need to get back to I ams. We need to get back to positive thinking. But here’s the thing. It’s not a quick fix! It takes time to train your brain to look for the positive and focus on the good. So if we wait until something is wrong in our lives to do it… it’s so much harder and takes so much longer to get there!

We need to be proactive! We need to be doing our I ams all of the time. We need to train our brains to look for the good and the positive things in our day all the time! Every day! It needs to be a habit! It needs to be our normal.

So then… then… when the bad moments come, we are well prepared to handle them. We may be sad for a moment, but we are able to say “Feelings come and go but I know that I am blessed. I am smart. I am loved and I will get through these yucky feelings right now. They will pass.”

We have to be prepared and ready! It’s my job to teach my daughter this. That we can prepare our minds to look for the good every day, say our I ams, and not only that but we should/need to do these things every day, all the time so that we are able to handle the yucky moments with grace and strength.

I’ve taught my daughter positive thinking and I ams. I just haven’t helped her to create the habit of doing it all the time and that starts now. I can’t stand to see her beat herself up over things that don’t matter in the long run. I know how to fight this fight and it’s time to help her get in the battle as well!

I’m fired up.

Happy Tuesday, Friends. Make your I am list and start using it!!

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