Ducks in a Row

There was a meme I shared on Facebook recently that said “If I waited until I had all my ducks in a row, I’d never get across the street. Sometimes you just have to gather up what you’ve got and make a run for it.” Shared by Women Working.

It both made me laugh and resonated fully with me!

If I waited until everything was lined up perfectly or until I felt ready or when everything seemed like it was in order, I would never get anything accomplished. Anxiety would make sure of that!!

Anxiety says what if this happens or that… what if you forgot something… what if you’re not ready for that… what if you don’t know how to do it… what if you don’t know what to say… what if you forget what to do… what if you are presented with a situation you’ve never encountered before… what if you you get stuck or stage fright or confused or… or… or…

Anxiety makes sure I will never feel ready for anything.

Do you feel me?

But that doesn’t have to hold us back. That doesn’t have to be the way we live our lives. Because all of those thoughts can be overcome with I ams!

I can do hard things. I can handle whatever comes at me. I am a problem solver. I can figure things out. I have handled many new situations in the past, I can handle novel situations in the future, too. I am able to get myself un-stuck from situations. Whatever happens, I can handle it. I am an adventurer. I am brave. I am fun. I am spontaneous. I live my life to the fullest!

So, for whatever you have ahead – prepare what you need to. Gather up some of your ducks – the ducks you can, and then… make a run for it. Everything will fall into place. Everything else you need, you will figure out along the way. Because you are strong and brave and a problem solver and full of adventure and spirit and grit! So go for it!

Happy Monday, friends!

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