Let Go of Your Umbrella

Have you ever been given the gift of a song? I have, and it makes my day. A friend will send me a link to a song and say “This reminded me of you.” It’s a gift. And it always touches my heart.

The song Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves was given to me last year by a friend and I think it’s a song that could help so many people.

Many of us face trauma. Sometimes it’s an instant in time and sometimes it’s prolonged. For me, four years of marriage followed by 2 years of court hearings after court hearings and trying to get out. That’s six years with traumatic events strewn throughout.

That leaves scars.

And damage.

And requires a long road of healing and recovery.

With God’s help, an amazing counselor, and friends and family by my side, I traveled the road of recovery through survival to a life that I’m now thriving in. It took years and it took something else.

It took me looking around and realizing at some point that I was free. When you are in long term trauma, it becomes your story. Your identity in a way. It’s who you are and what you know.

Then you began climbing out of it but you still hang on to the past because it’s what you know and it’s who you are… or were… but still feels like who you are… there’s a transition that has to take place.

There’s a tug of war that goes on between who you were and who you want to be. It’s really scary to let go of who you were because it’s all you know. But to get to a better place, you have to let go. You have to let go and take steps into the new you. The you that you are becoming.

You have to decide to let go of your old story. God sets you free the moment you ask…. but we… we hold on tightly because it’s what we know and it’s all we know and to venture into something new is scary… even though it’s so much better.

You have to be brave enough to let go of the old story line. To let go of the old you to embrace who God has for you to become.

The song – Rainbow – they lyrics are beautiful.

She talks about trauma and how when it rains, it pours, and you can barely breathe and how awful it is there… but how sometimes we get so stuck in that place, so comfortable in that place, that we don’t even realize when the sun comes out! We don’t even notice when the rain stops pouring and the wind stops blowing, because we keep ourselves stuck in the storm! We cling to our umbrellas even though there is no need!

It’s time to let go, friends!! It’s time to let go of the umbrella, and look around at all the sunshine surrounding you! You don’t even know there is a rainbow over your head! It’s time to see! The storm is over! It’s time to step into a bright, beautiful, new day!

Be brave. Take the first steps. Start to uncurl those fingers off of that umbrella. You don’t have to cling to the past anymore! Check out what God has to say about the past!!

What a blessing!! What amazing news!! He makes a new way for us!

Have a truly, wonderful day today, friends! Enjoy the song below! I hope it encourages your heart as it does mine.

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